IMF repurchases (AMT - US dollar) in Angola

IMF repurchases (AMT; US dollar) in Angola was last measured at 500234000 in 2014, according to the World Bank. IMF repurchases are total repayments of outstanding drawings from the General Resources Account during the year specified, excluding repayments due in the reserve tranche. Data are in current U.S. dollars. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for IMF repurchases (AMT - US dollar) in Angola.

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ANGOLA | External debt
PPG; bilateral (AMT; US dollar) in Angola 55690000.0241000000.0273240000.04729939000.0 [+]
PPG; bilateral concessional (AMT; US dollar) in Angola 1418000.0213014000.0181825000.0482690000.0 [+]
IMF repurchases (AMT; US dollar) in Angola [+]
PPG; IBRD (AMT; US dollar) in Angola  [+]
PPG; IDA (AMT; US dollar) in Angola 0.00.07026000.023156000.0 [+]
PPG; multilateral (AMT; US dollar) in Angola 3785000.027495000.08964000.016754000.0 [+]
PPG; multilateral concessional (AMT; US dollar) in Angola 0.03860000.08555000.025792000.0 [+]
PPG; bonds (AMT; US dollar) in Angola  [+]
PPG; commercial banks (AMT; US dollar) in Angola 8485000.01148989000.01784033000.03619828000.0 [+]
PNG; bonds (AMT; US dollar) in Angola  [+]