Average grace period on new external debt commitments - official (years) in Argentina

Average grace period on new external debt commitments; official (years) in Argentina was last measured at 5.39 in 2013, according to the World Bank. Grace period is the period from the date of signature of the loan or the issue of the financial instrument to the first repayment of principal. To obtain the average, the grace periods for all public and publicly guaranteed loans have been weighted by the amounts of the loans. Debt from official creditors includes loans from international organizations (multilateral loans) and loans from governments (bilateral loans). Loans from international organization include loans and credits from the World Bank, regional development banks, and other multilateral and intergovernmental agencies. Excluded are loans from funds administered by an international organization on behalf of a single donor government; these are classified as loans from governments. Government loans include loans from governments and their agencies (including central banks), loans from autonomous bodies, and direct loans from official export credit agencies. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Average grace period on new external debt commitments - official (years) in Argentina.

 argentina average grace period on new external debt commitments official years wb data

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ARGENTINA | External debt
PPG; bilateral (AMT; US dollar) in Argentina 49055000.01012172000.0268319000.0233628000.0 [+]
PPG; bilateral concessional (AMT; US dollar) in Argentina 168000.0262021000.019662000.0  [+]
IMF repurchases (AMT; US dollar) in Argentina 697301000.01279660000.00.0  [+]
PPG; IBRD (AMT; US dollar) in Argentina 232857000.0538059000.0740749000.0  [+]
PPG; IDA (AMT; US dollar) in Argentina  [+]
PPG; multilateral (AMT; US dollar) in Argentina 404575000.0824968000.01648265000.01906618000.0 [+]
PPG; multilateral concessional (AMT; US dollar) in Argentina 1879000.0940000.08348000.0  [+]
PPG; official creditors (AMT; US dollar) in Argentina 453630000.01837140000.01916584000.02140246000.0 [+]
PPG; bonds (AMT; US dollar) in Argentina 877599000.06841688000.02817546000.0  [+]
PPG; commercial banks (AMT; US dollar) in Argentina 1341744000.0161767000.0191000.0169775000.0 [+]