PNG - bonds (DOD - US dollar) in Bolivia

Nonguaranteed long-term debt from bonds that are privately placed. Private nonguaranteed long-term debt outstanding and disbursed is an external obligation of a private debtor that is not guaranteed for repayment by a public entity. Data are in current U.S. dollars. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for PNG - bonds (DOD - US dollar) in Bolivia.

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BOLIVIA | External debt
PPG; bilateral (AMT; US dollar) in Bolivia 45751000.031573000.037809000.081763000.0 [+]
PPG; bilateral concessional (AMT; US dollar) in Bolivia 8531000.022323000.018887000.063366000.0 [+]
PPG; IBRD (AMT; US dollar) in Bolivia 20905000.011895000.08000.08000.0 [+]
PPG; IDA (AMT; US dollar) in Bolivia 1577000.061000.02170000.09322000.0 [+]
PPG; multilateral (AMT; US dollar) in Bolivia 116914000.0117759000.0138155000.0201718000.0 [+]
PPG; multilateral concessional (AMT; US dollar) in Bolivia 13655000.021204000.025596000.0103354000.0 [+]
PPG; bonds (AMT; US dollar) in Bolivia  [+]
PPG; commercial banks (AMT; US dollar) in Bolivia 1625000.0995000.066469000.031588000.0 [+]
PNG; bonds (AMT; US dollar) in Bolivia  [+]
PNG; commercial banks and other creditors (AMT; US dollar) in Bolivia 23500000.0281299000.0321663000.0586240000.0 [+]