Chad - Net migration

Net migration in Chad was at 100000, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

 chad net migration wb data

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Net migration is the net total of migrants during the period, that is, the total number of immigrants less the annual number of emigrants, including both citizens and noncitizens. Data are five-year estimates. To derive estimates of net migration, the United Nations Population Division takes into account the past migration history of a country or area, the migration policy of a country, and the influx of refugees in recent periods. The data to calculate these official estimates come from a variety of sources, including border statistics, administrative records, surveys, and censuses. When no official estimates can be made because of insufficient data, net migration is derived through the balance equation, which is the difference between overall population growth and the natural increase during the 1990-2000 intercensal period.

Chad | Financial Sector

Broad money (current LCU)
1027048000000 LCU
Money (current LCU)
999703000000 LCU
Quasi money (current LCU)
7954000000 LCU
Bank Z-score
Net migration