Chile Inflation end-of-period

The Inflation end-of-period in Chile was reported at -1.38 percent change in 2009, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In 2015, Chile's Inflation end-of-period is expected to be 3.00 percent change. Data for inflation are end of the period; not annual average data. In 2009, Chile's economy share of world total GDP, adjusted by Purchasing Power Parity, was 0.35 percent. In 2015, Chile's share of world total GDP is forecasted to be 0.36 percent. This page includes a chart, historical data and forecast for Chile's Inflation end-of-period.

 chile inflation end of period imf data
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IMF Data Specifications

Subject DescriptorInflation; end of period consumer prices
Subject NotesData for inflation are end of the period; not annual average data.
UnitsPercent change
Country/Series-specific NotesSee notes for: Inflation; end of period consumer prices (Index; 2000=100).
Estimates Start After2008
TitleChile Inflation end-of-period
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