Military expenditure (current LCU) in China

Military expenditure (current LCU) in China was last measured at 1329599976000 in 2014, according to the World Bank. Military expenditures data from SIPRI are derived from the NATO definition, which includes all current and capital expenditures on the armed forces, including peacekeeping forces; defense ministries and other government agencies engaged in defense projects; paramilitary forces, if these are judged to be trained and equipped for military operations; and military space activities. Such expenditures include military and civil personnel, including retirement pensions of military personnel and social services for personnel; operation and maintenance; procurement; military research and development; and military aid (in the military expenditures of the donor country). Excluded are civil defense and current expenditures for previous military activities, such as for veterans' benefits, demobilization, conversion, and destruction of weapons. This definition cannot be applied for all countries, however, since that would require much more detailed information than is available about what is included in military budgets and off-budget military expenditure items. (For example, military budgets might or might not cover civil defense, reserves and auxiliary forces, police and paramilitary forces, dual-purpose forces such as military and civilian police, military grants in kind, pensions for military personnel, and social security contributions paid by one part of government to another.) This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Military expenditure (current LCU) in China.

 china military expenditure current lcu wb data

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CHINA | Defense & arms trade
Arms imports (constant 1990 US dollar) in China 209000000.01994000000.0559000000.01357000000.0 [+]
Armed forces personnel; total in China 3500000.03910000.02945000.0  [+]
Armed forces personnel (% of total labor force) in China  [+]
Military expenditure (current LCU) in China 50200000000.0183493882865.4808061980011.41329599976000.0 [+]
Military expenditure (% of GDP) in China [+]
Military expenditure (% of central government expenditure) in China      [+]
Arms exports (constant 1990 US dollar) in China 931000000.0301000000.01423000000.01083000000.0 [+]