Currency composition of PPG debt - Deutsche mark (%) in Colombia

The percentage of external long-term public and publicly-guaranteed debt contracted in Deutsche marks for the low- and middle-income countries. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Currency composition of PPG debt - Deutsche mark (%) in Colombia.

 colombia currency composition of ppg debt deutsche mark percent wb data

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COLOMBIA | External debt
PPG; bilateral (AMT; US dollar) in Colombia 210288000.0116308000.082856000.0263197000.0 [+]
PPG; bilateral concessional (AMT; US dollar) in Colombia 36085000.044099000.034255000.063623000.0 [+]
IMF repurchases (AMT; US dollar) in Colombia  [+]
PPG; IBRD (AMT; US dollar) in Colombia 433774000.0241861000.0341838000.0737327000.0 [+]
PPG; IDA (AMT; US dollar) in Colombia 706000.0706000.0706000.0  [+]
PPG; multilateral (AMT; US dollar) in Colombia 526883000.0440404000.01028975000.01436753000.0 [+]
PPG; multilateral concessional (AMT; US dollar) in Colombia 11775000.012710000.039883000.062050000.0 [+]
PPG; official creditors (AMT; US dollar) in Colombia 737171000.0556712000.01111831000.01699950000.0 [+]
PPG; bonds (AMT; US dollar) in Colombia 4363000.0469087000.0982924000.01015053000.0 [+]
PPG; commercial banks (AMT; US dollar) in Colombia 849312000.0837803000.0195606000.0429474000.0 [+]