Gross national expenditure (constant 2000 US dollar) in Colombia

Gross national expenditure (constant 2000 US dollar) in Colombia was last measured at 250928741852.82 in 2014, according to the World Bank. Gross national expenditure (formerly domestic absorption) is the sum of household final consumption expenditure (formerly private consumption), general government final consumption expenditure (formerly general government consumption), and gross capital formation (formerly gross domestic investment). Data are in constant 2000 U.S. dollars. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Gross national expenditure (constant 2000 US dollar) in Colombia.

 colombia gross national expenditure constant 2000 us dollar wb data

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COLOMBIA | National accounts
Final consumption expenditure (US dollar) in Colombia 30139814189.685630686421.8228577306781.3300106255379.6 [+]
Gross national expenditure (US dollar) in Colombia 37960718087.8100731276291.0295153431027.4398342775758.2 [+]
Gross national expenditure (current LCU) in Colombia 19066121796224.0210268939000000.0560403000000000.0797395000000000.0 [+]
Gross national expenditure (constant 2000 US dollar) in Colombia 75354721878.0100731276291.0164369008836.7250928741852.8 [+]
Gross national expenditure (constant LCU) in Colombia 157333413296842.0282827000000000.0458660000000000.0582364000000000.0 [+]
Gross national expenditure (% of GDP) in Colombia 94.3100.4102.2105.5 [+]
Changes in inventories (current LCU) in Colombia 387000008704.01551042000000.03724000000000.03532000000000.0 [+]
Changes in inventories (US dollar) in Colombia 770518429.9743040988.31961358838.51764428776.2 [+]
Final consumption expenditure; etc. (US dollar) in Colombia 30508391355.585630686421.8226615947942.8300106255379.6 [+]
General government final consumption expenditure (annual % growth) in Colombia [+]