Imports of goods - services and income (BoP - US dollar) in Denmark

Imports of goods; services and income (BoP; US dollar) in Denmark was last measured at 187041568626 in 2014, according to the World Bank. Imports of goods, services and income is the sum of goods (merchandise) imports, imports of (nonfactor) services and income (factor) payments. Data are in current U.S. dollars. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Imports of goods - services and income (BoP - US dollar) in Denmark.

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DENMARK | Balance of payments
Portfolio investment; excluding LCFAR (BoP; US dollar) in Denmark 2899833615.6-17798962886.7-3068848089.112280429802.0 [+]
Net current transfers (BoP; US dollar) in Denmark -407682138.3-3014394749.0-5791651503.6-6700021788.0 [+]
Net capital account (BoP; US dollar) in Denmark  -11383500.6104624318.390749138.1 [+]
Communications; computer; etc. (% of service exports; BoP) in Denmark 39.539.0   [+]
Income receipts (BoP; US dollar) in Denmark 6011240248.811883341020.127217660465.231299490992.0 [+]
Exports of goods and services (BoP; US dollar) in Denmark 48901826458.773805211462.9156175757682.3183936000000.0 [+]
Exports of goods; services; income and workers' remittances (BoP; US dollar) in Denmark 54913066707.585688552483.0   [+]
Insurance and financial services (% of service exports; BoP) in Denmark 2.3    [+]
Goods exports (BoP; US dollar) in Denmark 36072155253.950083927656.595770803525.0111449000000.0 [+]
Exports of goods; services and income (BoP; US dollar) in Denmark 54913066707.585688552483.0183393418147.4215235490992.0 [+]