Ecuador - Arable land (% of land area)

Arable land (% of land area) in Ecuador was at 4.0977 % in 2014, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

 ecuador arable land percent of land area wb data

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Arable land includes land defined by the FAO as land under temporary crops (double-cropped areas are counted once), temporary meadows for mowing or for pasture, land under market or kitchen gardens, and land temporarily fallow. Land abandoned as a result of shifting cultivation is excluded.

Ecuador | Agriculture

Forest area (sq. km)
125479 sq. Km
Land area (sq. km)
248360 sq. Km
Rural land area (sq. km)
244458 sq. Km
Surface area (sq. km)
256370 sq. Km
Rural population
5853623 %