Gross domestic savings (current LCU) in Ecuador

Gross domestic savings (current LCU) in Ecuador was last measured at 25851830000 in 2014, according to the World Bank. Gross domestic savings are calculated as GDP less final consumption expenditure (total consumption). Data are in current local currency. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Gross domestic savings (current LCU) in Ecuador.

 ecuador gross domestic savings current lcu wb data

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ECUADOR | National accounts
Final consumption expenditure; etc. (current LCU) in Ecuador 8083999744.011762658304.046088319000.074691343000.0 [+]
Final consumption expenditure; etc. (% of GDP) in Ecuador 78.173.879.574.3 [+]
Gross national expenditure (US dollar) in Ecuador 10253914996.714974178086.061264940000.0102905829000.0 [+]
Gross national expenditure (current LCU) in Ecuador 10248999680.014967000064.061264940000.0102905829000.0 [+]
Gross national expenditure (constant 2000 US dollar) in Ecuador 13754981936.214974178086.028230739217.665410560580.6 [+]
Gross national expenditure (constant LCU) in Ecuador 13748000256.014966857216.028216781000.072314627000.0 [+]
Gross national expenditure (% of GDP) in Ecuador 99.093.9105.7102.4 [+]
Gross fixed capital formation (US dollar) in Ecuador 1873898207.83266247692.514587510000.027295231000.0 [+]
Gross fixed capital formation (current LCU) in Ecuador 1872999936.03264681984.014587510000.027295231000.0 [+]
Gross fixed capital formation (constant 2000 US dollar) in Ecuador 3122497715.43266247692.57260221535.916505284138.3 [+]