Total reserves in months of imports in Euro area

Total reserves in months of imports in Euro area was last measured at 1.64 in 2014, according to the World Bank. Total reserves comprise holdings of monetary gold, special drawing rights, reserves of IMF members held by the IMF, and holdings of foreign exchange under the control of monetary authorities. The gold component of these reserves is valued at year-end (December 31) London prices. This item shows reserves expressed in terms of the number of months of imports of goods and services they could pay for [Reserves/(Imports/12)]. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Total reserves in months of imports in Euro area.

 euro area total reserves in months of imports wb data

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EURO AREA | Balance of payments
Portfolio investment; excluding LCFAR (BoP; US dollar) in Euro area 44245759964.2-147176712808.1266421091606.8  [+]
Net capital account (BoP; US dollar) in Euro area  28285516951.96508681861.8  [+]
Income receipts (BoP; US dollar) in Euro area 264156763916.5466991564893.81055907536165.01281060015723.3 [+]
Exports of goods and services (BoP; US dollar) in Euro area 1543022215567.22277255794638.44888174234126.55987034197500.8 [+]
Exports of goods; services; income and workers' remittances (BoP; US dollar) in Euro area 1818149252781.22696202988094.8   [+]
Insurance and financial services (% of service exports; BoP) in Euro area [+]
Goods exports (BoP; US dollar) in Euro area 1221590251427.01823738830583.13814877766576.74468199010033.9 [+]
Service exports (BoP; US dollar) in Euro area 335936141584.2482453283393.51132744088745.91521077683859.2 [+]
Royalty and license fees; receipts (BoP; US dollar) in Euro area 6372477922.810281161363.443590172732.4  [+]
Exports of goods; services and income (BoP; US dollar) in Euro area 1807586109069.32693847369934.45816466604807.97356779281997.3 [+]