Greece - Tax revenue (% of GDP)

Tax revenue (% of GDP) in Greece was at 24.72 %, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

 greece tax revenue percent of gdp wb data

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Tax revenue refers to compulsory transfers to the central government for public purposes. Certain compulsory transfers such as fines, penalties, and most social security contributions are excluded. Refunds and corrections of erroneously collected tax revenue are treated as negative revenue.

Greece | Public Sector

313.Loans (PSDCGGB)
252570600000 %
089.Loans (PSDCGGB) US$
281894046660 USD
281.Loans (PSDCG)
250301000000 %
057.Loans (PSDCG) US$
279360946100 USD
249.Loans (PSDGG, LT)
246933000000 %
025.Loans (PSDGG) US$
275601921300 USD
293.Loans (PSDCGGB, ST)
11502400000 %
069.Loans (PSDCGGB, ST) US$
12837828640 USD
261.Loans (PSDCG, ST)
4536000000 %
037.Loans (PSDCG, ST) US$
5062629600 USD
229.Loans (PSDGG, ST)
357000000 %
Other taxes (current LCU)
3762000000 LCU
Tax revenue (current LCU)
43426000000 LCU
Expense (current LCU)
93837000000 LCU