Hungary - Net incurrence of liabilities, foreign (% of GDP)

Net incurrence of liabilities, foreign (% of GDP) in Hungary was at --1.8951 % in 2012, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

 hungary net incurrence of liabilities foreign percent of gdp wb data

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Net incurrence of government liabilities includes foreign financing (obtained from nonresidents) and domestic financing (obtained from residents), or the means by which a government provides financial resources to cover a budget deficit or allocates financial resources arising from a budget surplus. The net incurrence of liabilities should be offset by the net acquisition of financial assets (a third financing item). The difference between the cash surplus or deficit and the three financing items is the net change in the stock of cash.

Hungary | Public Sector

280.Debt securities (PSDCG)
22833664000000 %
281.Loans (PSDCG)
3105480000000 %
057.Loans (PSDCG) US$
11237489928 USD
249.Loans (PSDGG, LT)
3159406000000 %
025.Loans (PSDGG) US$
11432626552 USD
275.Loans (PSDCG, LT, >1yr)
2429407000000 %
243.Loans (PSDGG, LT, >1yr)
2477013000000 %
261.Loans (PSDCG, ST)
676073000000 %
037.Loans (PSDCG, ST) US$
2446437758 USD
229.Loans (PSDGG, ST)
682393000000 %
005.Loans (PSDGG, ST) US$
2469307310 USD
Other taxes (current LCU)
266193000000 LCU
Tax revenue (current LCU)
8013985000000 LCU
Other expense (current LCU)
1854084609000 LCU
Expense (current LCU)
14717360000000 LCU