Indonesia - Goods and services expense (% of expense)

Goods and services expense (% of expense) in Indonesia was at 12.04 %, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

 indonesia goods and services expense percent of expense wb data

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Goods and services include all government payments in exchange for goods and services used for the production of market and nonmarket goods and services. Own-account capital formation is excluded.

Indonesia | Public Sector

385.Gross Public Sector Debt (PSDT)
7.30966098727871E+15 %
375.Currency and deposits (PSDFPC)
2.66678646536886E+15 %
407.Currency and deposits (PSDT, LT)
2.66678646536886E+15 %
312.Debt securities (PSDCGGB)
2.73382918554145E+15 %
280.Debt securities (PSDCG)
2.73382918554145E+15 %
376.Debt securities (PSDFPC)
274658175763034 %
248.Debt securities (PSDGG, LT)
2.73382918554145E+15 %
274.Debt securities (PSDCG, LT, >1yr)
2.57836014654145E+15 %
242.Debt securities (PSDGG, LT, >1yr)
2.57836014654145E+15 %
402.Debt securities (PSDT, LT, >1yr)
2.81552909631803E+15 %
344.Debt securities (PSDNFPC)
189528160912400 %
408.Debt securities (PSDT, LT)
3.19801552221688E+15 %
313.Loans (PSDCGGB)
733131173416101 %
089.Loans (PSDCGGB) US$
73313117342 USD
281.Loans (PSDCG)
733131173416101 %
057.Loans (PSDCG) US$
73313117342 USD
377.Loans (PSDFPC)
203892159282634 %
153.Loans (PSDFPC) US$
20389215928 USD
249.Loans (PSDGG, LT)
733131173416101 %
025.Loans (PSDGG) US$
73313117342 USD
268.Loans (PSDCG, LT, <1yr)
64016741513438 %
364.Loans (PSDFPC, LT, <1yr)
20927512259633 %
236.Loans (PSDGG, LT, <1yr)
64016741513438 %
396.Loans (PSDT, LT,<1yr)
124606070850996 %
307.Loans (PSDCGGB, LT, >1yr)
669114431902663 %
275.Loans (PSDCG, LT, >1yr)
669114431902663 %
371.Loans (PSDFPC, LT, >1yr)
116417771263238 %
243.Loans (PSDGG, LT, >1yr)
669114431902663 %
339.Loans (PSDNFPC, LT, >1yr)
271527302268371 %
403.Loans (PSDT, LT, >1yr)
1.05705950543427E+15 %
345.Loans (PSDNFPC)
385578039765651 %
121.Loans (PSDNFPC) US$
38557803977 USD
409.Loans (PSDT, LT)
1.32260137246439E+15 %
185.Loans (PSDT) US$
132260137246 USD
387.Currency and deposits (PSDT)
2.62862115638481E+15 %
388.Debt securities (PSDT)
273880793165917 %
357.Loans (PSDFPC, ST)
66546875759763 %
325.Loans (PSDNFPC, ST)
74388920419354 %
389.Loans (PSDT)
140935796179117 %
165.Loans (PSDT, ST) US$
14093579618 USD
Revenue, excluding grants (current LCU)
1.49458491856263E+15 LCU
Taxes on exports (current LCU)
11329003407058 LCU
Other taxes (current LCU)
33839639200117 LCU
Tax revenue (current LCU)
1.2394827888085E+15 LCU
Interest payments (current LCU)
155885608310931 LCU
Other expense (current LCU)
122772260646817 LCU
Expense (current LCU)
1.67147020692333E+15 LCU