Trading Economics welcomes proposals from investors willing to finance the expansion of our business. Our current goal is to raise capital to cement our position as a worldwide reference for economic data, to improve the range and quality of services we provide to our existing clients and to be in a better position to compete for the multi-billion dollar market of financial information currently monopolized by Bloomberg and its professional terminal.

Trading Economics provides more than 300.000 indicators for 196 countries, including economic data, exchange rates, bonds, stocks and commodities. During the last five years, we had more than 100 million page views from more than 200 countries. Interestingly, we rank second to none in many economic terms in Google or other search engines which make us a valuable asset for firms interested in saving in advertisement and generating more attention-grabbing leads. In addition, unlike many startup companies, our net profit has been positive since the first month we were open for business. Our fixed costs are low and our revenues are very solid and trending higher. Nearly 80 percent of our revenues come from recurring subscriptions and 20 percent comes from advertisement on the site.

Currently, Trading Economics is 100% in the hands of its founders, Anna and Antonio.

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