Monday March 27 2017
Iran Cpi Transportation at 263.30 Index Points

The transportation sub-index of the CPI basket in Iran increased to 263.30 Index Points in February of 2017 from 262.10 Index Points in January.

Monday March 27 2017
Iran Food Inflation at 12.90 percent

Cost of food in Iran increased 12.90 percent in February of 2017 over the same month in the previous year.

Monday March 27 2017
Iran Steel Production at 1375.00 Thousand Tonnes

Steel Production in Iran decreased to 1375 Thousand Tonnes in February from 1520 Thousand Tonnes in January of 2017.

Monday March 27 2017
Iran Inflation Rate at 10.60 percent

Consumer prices in Iran rose 10.6 percent year-on-year in February of 2017, compared to a 9.6 percent increase in the previous month. It was the highest inflation rate since October 2015 as prices rose at a faster pace for: food and beverages (12.9 percent vs 9.8 percent in January), furnishing and utilities (6.8 percent vs 6.3 percent), communications (6.3 percent vs 6.1 percent), restaurants and hotels (9.7 percent vs 9.3 percent), miscellaneous goods and services (9.7 percent vs 9.6 percent), and transport (8.3 percent vs 7.8 percent). Prices increased at a slower pace for: health (17.1 percent vs 17.2 percent), education (11.2 percent vs 11.3 percent), clothing and footwear (6.0 percent vs 6.4 percent), and recreation and culture (8.2 percent vs 8.4 percent). Inflation was steady for: housing and utilities (9.2 percent) and tobacco ( 10.7 percent). On a monthly basis, consumer prices increased 1.1 percent, after a 0.8 percent rise in a month earlier.

Monday March 27 2017
Iran Consumer Price Index (CPI) at 257.70 Index Points

Consumer Price Index CPI in Iran increased to 257.70 Index Points in February of 2017 from 254.90 Index Points in January.

Friday March 24 2017
Iran Producer Prices at 233.80 Index Points

Producer Prices in Iran increased to 233.80 Index Points in February from 233.30 Index Points in January of 2017.

Wednesday March 08 2017
Iran Interest Rate at 18.00 percent

The benchmark interest rate in Iran was last recorded at 18 percent.

Thursday March 02 2017
Iran Corruption Index at 29.00 Points

Iran scored 29 points out of 100 on the 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International.

Wednesday February 22 2017
Iran Youth Unemployment Rate at 30.20 percent

Youth Unemployment Rate in Iran increased to 30.20 percent in the third quarter of 2016 from 27.80 percent in the second quarter of 2016.

Wednesday February 22 2017
Iran Current Account at 3729.00 USD Million

Iran recorded a Current Account surplus of 3729 USD Million in the third quarter of 2016.