Friday March 24 2017
Macau Inflation Rate at 0.37 percent

Consumer prices in Macau rose 0.37 percent year-on-year in February of 2017, compared to a 1.76 percent increase in the prior month. It was the lowest inflation rate since January 2010, as prices went up at a slower pace for : food & non-alcoholic beverages (0.14 percent from 1.69 percent in the prior month), transport (6.97 percent from 8.12 percent), education (7.36 percent from 7.38 percent), and miscellaneous goods and services (1.02 percent from 1.84 percent). Prices increased at a faster pace for : household goods & furnishings (1.72 percent from 0.88 percent) and health (3.46 percent from 3.26 percent). In contrast, cost fell for: clothing & footwear (-0.28 percent from -0.88 percent), communication (-1.65 percent from -1.73 percent), and recreation & culture (-8.26 percent from 9.03 percent). On a monthly basis, consumer prices decreased 0.42 percent, after gaining 0.36 percent in January.

Friday March 24 2017
Macau Consumer Price Index (CPI) at 108.79 Index Points

Consumer Price Index CPI in Macau decreased to 108.79 Index Points in February from 109.25 Index Points in January.

Friday March 24 2017
Macau Food Inflation at 0.14 percent

Cost of food in Macau increased 0.14 percent in February of 2017 over the same month in the previous year.

Friday March 24 2017
Macau Inflation Rate MoM at -0.42 percent

The Consumer Price Index in Macau decreased 0.42 percent in February of 2017 over the previous month.

Friday March 24 2017
Macau Cpi Transportation at 112.29 Index Points

The transportation sub-index of the CPI basket in Macau increased to 112.29 Index Points in February of 2017 from 112.22 Index Points in January.

Friday March 24 2017
Macau Tourist Arrivals at 2495196.00

Visitor arrivals in Macau fell 5.6 percent year-on-year to 2,495,196 in February of 2017, following a 17.6 percent increase in January. While overnight visitors went up by 3.6 percent, same-day visitors dropped by 13.2 percent. Visitors from China, that accounted for 66.7 percent of total visitors, declined by 7.5 percent (from 20.4 percent in the prior month) with those travelling under the Individual Visit Scheme decreasing by 11.9 percent.

Wednesday March 22 2017
Macau Interest Rate at 1.25 percent

The Central Bank of Macau has raised its base rate by 25 bps to 1.25 percent on March 16th, 2017, after the US Federal Reserve decided to hike the key rate by 25 bps to 0.75 percent-1 percent on March 15th. Since the Macanese pataca is linked to the Hong Kong dollar and the Hong Kong dollar is linked to the US dollar, the movements of policy rates in Hong Kong and Macao should be basically consistent in order to maintain the effective operation of the linked exchange rate system.

Tuesday March 21 2017
Macau Electricity Production at 87.40 Gigawatt-hour

Electricity Production in Macau increased to 87.40 Gigawatt-hour in August from 84.40 Gigawatt-hour in July of 2016.

Friday March 17 2017
Macau Money Supply M2 at 536784.03 MOP Million

Money Supply M2 in Macau increased to 536784.03 MOP Million in January from 532448.94 MOP Million in December of 2016.

Friday March 17 2017
Macau Three Month Interbank Rate at 0.95 percent

Interbank Rate in Macau decreased to 0.95 percent in February from 1 percent in January of 2017.