Net errors and omissions - adjusted (BoP - US dollar) in Malta

Net errors and omissions; adjusted (BoP; US dollar) in Malta was last measured at -1049245712 in 2014, according to the World Bank. Net errors and omissions constitute a residual category needed to ensure that all debit and credit entries in the balance of payments statement sum to zero. In the International Financial Statistics presentation, this is equal to the difference between reserves and related items and the sum of the balances of the current, capital, and financial accounts. Data are in current U.S. dollars. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Net errors and omissions - adjusted (BoP - US dollar) in Malta.

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MALTA | Balance of payments
Net current transfers (BoP; US dollar) in Malta 87466566.026792261.737184307.5264830831.1 [+]
Net capital account (BoP; US dollar) in Malta  18560997.1147819741.4186488946.6 [+]
Income receipts (BoP; US dollar) in Malta 268957487.7917458289.72180347708.513092292067.0 [+]
Exports of goods and services (BoP; US dollar) in Malta 1950099122.13577461166.77190847048.315382953067.0 [+]
Exports of goods; services; income and workers' remittances (BoP; US dollar) in Malta 2256206929.14496252527.7   [+]
Insurance and financial services (% of service exports; BoP) in Malta [+]
Goods exports (BoP; US dollar) in Malta 1198083640.12478992999.13091203885.23466963531.0 [+]
Royalty and license fees; receipts (BoP; US dollar) in Malta 185657.21557081.234462023.5318959892.8 [+]
Exports of goods; services and income (BoP; US dollar) in Malta 2219056609.74494919456.49371194756.728475245134.0 [+]
Foreign direct investment; net inflows (BoP; US dollar) in Malta 45794392.5601037569.6993916740.8-2205451614.4 [+]