Total debt service (% of exports of goods - services and income) in Philippines

Total debt service (% of exports of goods; services and income) in Philippines was last measured at 7.47 in 2014, according to the World Bank. Total debt service is the sum of principal repayments and interest actually paid in foreign currency, goods, or services on long-term debt, interest paid on short-term debt, and repayments (repurchases and charges) to the IMF. Exports of goods and services includes income and workers' remittances. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Total debt service (% of exports of goods - services and income) in Philippines.

 philippines total debt service percent of exports of goods services and income wb data

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PHILIPPINES | External debt
PPG; bilateral (AMT; US dollar) in Philippines 51314000.01009390000.01146622000.0878709000.0 [+]
PPG; bilateral concessional (AMT; US dollar) in Philippines 21148000.0667764000.01107703000.0844318000.0 [+]
IMF repurchases (AMT; US dollar) in Philippines 345365000.08024000.00.0  [+]
PPG; IBRD (AMT; US dollar) in Philippines 300596000.0349203000.0379088000.0199214000.0 [+]
PPG; IDA (AMT; US dollar) in Philippines 1051000.03156000.06918000.010727000.0 [+]
PPG; multilateral (AMT; US dollar) in Philippines 387574000.0562490000.0670962000.0636397000.0 [+]
PPG; multilateral concessional (AMT; US dollar) in Philippines 5930000.016470000.053651000.0117845000.0 [+]
PPG; official creditors (AMT; US dollar) in Philippines 438888000.01571880000.01817584000.01515106000.0 [+]
PPG; bonds (AMT; US dollar) in Philippines 179738000.0394542000.04806798000.0888331000.0 [+]
PPG; commercial banks (AMT; US dollar) in Philippines 743017000.0473727000.0108418000.0210381000.0 [+]