Gross national income (constant LCU) in Russia

Gross national income (constant LCU) in Russia was last measured at 17080092916991 in 2012, according to the World Bank. Gross national income is derived as the sum of GNP and the terms of trade adjustment. Data are in constant local currency. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Gross national income (constant LCU) in Russia.

 russia gross national income constant lcu wb data

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RUSSIA | National accounts
Final consumption expenditure (constant 2000 US dollar) in Russia 181717577617.2159146818343.4311706266732.0826103780652.6 [+]
Final consumption expenditure (constant LCU) in Russia 5111715458371.44476800000000.08768297283169.710633784592100.0 [+]
Gross national expenditure (US dollar) in Russia 515701521584.9207696409527.21364089289378.11727556248062.7 [+]
Gross national expenditure (current LCU) in Russia 642812992.55842500000000.041424548053723.266300499199400.0 [+]
Gross national expenditure (constant LCU) in Russia 11607318109790.45842500000000.012062135678473.214471926849200.0 [+]
Gross national expenditure (% of GDP) in Russia 99.880.091.792.9 [+]
Exports of goods and services (US dollar) in Russia 93864126233.5114429434767.2444610696835.3558580131428.8 [+]
Exports of goods and services (current LCU) in Russia 117000003.63218900000000.013501900000000.021437300000000.0 [+]
Exports of goods and services (% of GDP) in Russia [+]
Final consumption expenditure; etc. (US dollar) in Russia 359983352840.4159146818343.41026068062512.61349213855767.1 [+]