Slovakia - Subsidies and other transfers (% of expense)

Subsidies and other transfers (% of expense) in Slovakia was at 53.81 % in 2014, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

 slovakia subsidies and other transfers percent of expense wb data

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Subsidies, grants, and other social benefits include all unrequited, nonrepayable transfers on current account to private and public enterprises; grants to foreign governments, international organizations, and other government units; and social security, social assistance benefits, and employer social benefits in cash and in kind.

Slovakia | Public Sector

313.Loans (PSDCGGB)
4409847079 %
089.Loans (PSDCGGB) US$
4921830325 USD
281.Loans (PSDCG)
4730981556 %
057.Loans (PSDCG) US$
5280248514 USD
249.Loans (PSDGG, LT)
5768135944 %
025.Loans (PSDGG) US$
6437816528 USD
409.Loans (PSDT, LT)
5768135944 %
185.Loans (PSDT) US$
6437816528 USD
261.Loans (PSDCG, ST)
108402000 %
229.Loans (PSDGG, ST)
155001000 %
389.Loans (PSDT)
155001000 %
165.Loans (PSDT, ST) US$
172996616 USD
Tax revenue (current LCU)
12075355000 LCU
Expense (current LCU)
17009560678 LCU