South Africa - Compensation of employees (% of expense)

Compensation of employees (% of expense) in South Africa was at 14.16 %, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

 south africa compensation of employees percent of expense wb data

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Compensation of employees consists of all payments in cash, as well as in kind (such as food and housing), to employees in return for services rendered, and government contributions to social insurance schemes such as social security and pensions that provide benefits to employees.

South Africa | Public Sector

280.Debt securities (PSDCG)
2236986083000 %
313.Loans (PSDCGGB)
6278131000 %
089.Loans (PSDCGGB) US$
458778468 USD
281.Loans (PSDCG)
6278131000 %
057.Loans (PSDCG) US$
458778468 USD
377.Loans (PSDFPC)
45861948000 %
153.Loans (PSDFPC) US$
3302366706 USD
345.Loans (PSDNFPC)
242195071000 %
121.Loans (PSDNFPC) US$
17439663459 USD
325.Loans (PSDNFPC, ST)
38134395000 %
Other taxes (current LCU)
30263821645 LCU
Tax revenue (current LCU)
1104410927248 LCU
Other expense (current LCU)
61625962865 LCU
Expense (current LCU)
1440300955697 LCU