Quasi money (current LCU) in Thailand

Quasi money (current LCU) in Thailand was last measured at 15126680036231.20 in 2014, according to the World Bank. Quasi money refers to time, savings, and foreign currency deposits of resident sectors other than the central government. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Quasi money (current LCU) in Thailand.

 thailand quasi money current lcu wb data

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THAILAND | Monetary holdings (liabilities)
Bank liquid reserves to bank assets ratio (%) in Thailand [+]
Money (current LCU) in Thailand 188845871000.0495533500000.01260349177572.61625958608373.6 [+]
Money and quasi money (M2) (current LCU) in Thailand 1663090086000.05638112200000.011734327383190.116752638644604.7 [+]
Money and quasi money (M2) as % of GDP in Thailand 68.4111.9110.4138.0 [+]
Money and quasi money (M2) to total reserves ratio in Thailand [+]
Money and quasi money growth (annual %) in Thailand 25.54.910.94.7 [+]
Quasi money (current LCU) in Thailand 1474244215000.05142578700000.010473978205617.515126680036231.2 [+]
Liquid liabilities (M3) as % of GDP in Thailand   93.3118.0 [+]
Quasi-liquid liabilities (% of GDP) in Thailand 67.5104.580.9104.6 [+]