Saturday February 25 2017
Uganda Core Consumer Prices at 160.80 Index Points

Core Consumer Prices in Uganda decreased to 160.80 Index Points in January from 160.90 Index Points in December of 2016.

Saturday February 25 2017
Uganda Core Inflation Rate at 5.30 percent

Core Inflation Rate in Uganda increased 5.90 percent in December of 2016 over the same month in the previous year.

Tuesday February 21 2017
Uganda Interest Rate at 11.50 percent

The Bank of Uganda lowered its benchmark interest rate to 11.5 percent at its February 2017 meeting, in an attempt to boost growth and support the currency amid uncertain global economic developments. Policymakers lowered its GDP forecasts for 2016/2017 to 4.5 percent (5 percent in the previous estimate), saying the slowdown is due to temporary factors. Meanwhile, the economy is expected to grow 5.5 percent in 2017/2018, due to improvements in public infrastructure investment, recovery in private sector investment and agricultural production and consumption. Also, the near-term outlook for inflation deteriorated, due to an increase in international oil and food prices although the target 5% ±0.3 was left unchanged for the next twelve months. The rediscount rate and the bank rate were also cut to 15.5 percent and 15.5 percent, respectively.

Friday February 17 2017
Uganda Consumer Price Index (CPI) at 164.80 Index Points

Consumer Price Index CPI in Uganda decreased to 164.80 Index Points in January from 165.20 Index Points in December of 2016.

Tuesday February 14 2017
Uganda Foreign Exchange Reserves at 3027.70 USD Million

Foreign Exchange Reserves in Uganda decreased to 2688.30 USD Million in November from 2861.40 USD Million in October of 2016.

Tuesday February 14 2017
Uganda Economic Activity MoM at 0.23 percent

Leading Economic Index in Uganda increased to 0.23 percent in December from -0.04 percent in November of 2016.

Tuesday February 14 2017
Uganda Loans to Private Sector at 12056.65 SHS Billion

Loans to Private Sector in Uganda decreased to 12056.65 SHS Billion in December from 12164.16 SHS Billion in November of 2016.

Tuesday February 14 2017
Uganda Private Sector Credit at 12072676.00 UGX Million

Private Sector Credit in Uganda decreased to 12072676 UGX Million in December from 12184600 UGX Million in November of 2016.

Sunday February 12 2017
Uganda Business Confidence at 53.99

Business confidence in Uganda decreased to 54 in January of compared to an upwardly revised 54.3 in the previous month. It was the lowest figure since January of 2016 as managers' assessment worsened for present business situation (46.9 from 47.5 in September), situation in 3 months (64.4 from 64.7); order volumes with suppliers (51.7 from 52.2); number of employees (46.6 from 47.1) and financial situation (44.2 from 44.7). In contrast, average selling price rose slightly (58 from 57.4). By sector, confidence fell for construction (51.7 from 52.8), manufacturing (50.5 from 50.8), wholesale trade (50 from 50.6) and other services (56.3 from 54.8) while increased slightly for agriculture (55 from 54.8).

Friday February 10 2017
Uganda Balance of Trade at -143.40 USD Million

Uganda recorded a trade deficit of 143.40 USD Million in December of 2016.