United States - Quasi-liquid liabilities (% of GDP)

Quasi-liquid liabilities (% of GDP) in United States was at 55.28 %, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

 united states quasi liquid liabilities percent of gdp wb data

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Quasi-liquid liabilities are the sum of currency and deposits in the central bank (M0), plus time and savings deposits, foreign currency transferable deposits, certificates of deposit, and securities repurchase agreements, plus travelers checks, foreign currency time deposits, commercial paper, and shares of mutual funds or market funds held by residents. They equal the M3 money supply less transferable deposits and electronic currency (M1).

United States | Financial Sector

Broad money (current LCU)
16210297018661 LCU
Quasi money (current LCU)
5811839000000 LCU
0.454 %
Lerner index
0.3348 %
Boone indicator
-0.0405 %
Bank Z-score
26.62 %
Net migration
5007887 %