With more than 1 billion page views, Trading Economics has become a reference in the world wide web for economic data and financial markets. Trading Economics is a fast growing company which welcomes candidates from all over the world. To qualify, the applicants should be able to communicate fluently in English, willing to work very hard and able to learn many new concepts in a short period of time. These are our current job opportunities:

Data Analyst - Americas

Candidates will be responsible for updating our economic calendar with actual figures and write short but insightful comments about economic releases and market data. To qualify, you are required to be available during the release time of several economic indicators, in particular between 1400 EST and 1900 EST. This job is particularly fitted for someone located in the Americas wishing to work remotely. Some knowledge of Macroeconomics will weigh positively in your application but is not required.


Web Developer

Trading Economics welcomes candidates that can help us build front-end web applications and back-end systems that will unleash the power of our data. Knowledge of Node.js, Python, ASP.NET, Java, JavaScript, AngularJS, MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Spark, SQL will weigh positively in your application. You can work remotely or in our office. Some degree in Computer Science or related will weigh positively in your application but is not required. This is a junior entry-level position and payment will be made accordingly.


Systems Monitoring

With clients around the world it is fundamental that Trading Economics is reliable 24/7. You will be responsible for monitoring the health of our backend and frontend applications between 12AM and 8AM UTC. You will perform administrative tasks to correct issues. You will take notes and register issues so you can communicate them to the development team. This job is expected to be performed remotely.


Web Designer

You will be responsible for helping us designing the overall layout and aesthetics of Trading Economics. This is a entry-level position but some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript is expected. This job is expected to be performed remotely.