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Trading Economics is an effective way to access thousands of indicators for nearly 196 countries, including economic indicators, stock market indexes, exchange rates, commodities, bonds and much more. Our database is constantly updated and our data is regularly checked for inconsistencies against official sources, central banks, national statistics bureaus and the World Bank. In addition, we will give you unlimited access to powerful analytical tools and many premium features. Below is a sample of countries and indicators we have to offer. Subscribe to TE Analytics
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United States ADP Employment ChangeAutomatic Data Processing, Inc.20012016153.00[+]
United States Asylum ApplicationsUnited Nations Refugee Agency200020169327.00[+]
United States Average Hourly EarningsU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics200620160.40[+]
United States Average Weekly HoursU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics2006201634.30[+]
United States Balance of TradeU.S. Census Bureau19502016-45240.00[+]
United States Average Monthly Prime Lending RateFederal Reserve195020163.64[+]
United States BankruptciesAdministrative Office of the U.S. Courts1980201624457.00[+]
United States Banks Balance SheetFederal Reserve1973201615951700.00[+]
United States Building PermitsU.S. Census Bureau196020161210.00[+]
United States ISM Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)Institute for Supply Management1948201654.70[+]
United States Business InventoriesU.S. Census Bureau199220160.70[+]
United States Capacity UtilizationFederal Reserve1967201675.46[+]
United States Net Treasury International Capital FlowsU.S. Department of the Treasury1978201623741.00[+]
United States Car ProductionFederal Reserve, United States196720163.80[+]
United States New Passenger Cars RegistrationsU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis19752016498.93[+]
United States S&P Case-Shiller Home Price IndexStandard & Poor's20002016191.79[+]
United States Central Bank Balance SheetFederal Reserve200220174414390.00[+]
United States Chain Store SalesU.S. Census Bureau199220165754.00[+]
United States Challenger Job CutsChallenger, Gray and Christmas, Inc.1994201633627.00[+]
United States Changes in InventoriesU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis195020167.10[+]
United States Chicago Fed National Activity IndexFederal Reserve Bank of Chicago19672016-0.27[+]
United States Chicago PMIInstitute for Supply Management1967201654.60[+]
United States Competitiveness IndexWorld Economic Forum200720175.70[+]
United States Competitiveness RankWorld Economic Forum200720173.00[+]
United States Composite PMIMarkit Economics2013201654.10[+]
United States Construction SpendingU.S. Census Bureau196420160.90[+]
United States Consumer SentimentUniversity of Michigan1952201798.10[+]
United States Consumer Credit ChangeFederal Reserve1950201624.53[+]
United States Consumer Price Index (CPI)U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics19502016243.03[+]
United States Consumer SpendingU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis1950201611569.00[+]
United States Continuing Jobless ClaimsU.S. Department of Labor196720172046.00[+]
United States Core Consumer PricesU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics19572016249.93[+]
United States Core Inflation RateU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics195720162.20[+]
United States Core Personal Consumption Expenditure Price IndexU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis19592016111.93[+]
United States Corporate ProfitsU.S. Bureau of Economics Analysis195020161575.40[+]
United States Corporate Tax RateInternal Revenue Service2000201638.90[+]
United States Corruption IndexTransparency International1995201576.00[+]
United States Corruption RankTransparency International1995201516.00[+]
United States Cpi TransportationU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics19502016196.25[+]
United States | Credit Rating   97.00[+]
United States Crude Oil ProductionU.S. Energy Information Administration195020168807.00[+]
United States Crude Oil Stocks ChangeU.S. Energy Information Administration198220172.35[+]
United States DollarOTC Interbank19672017101.15[+]
United States Current AccountU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis19602016-112958.00[+]
United States Current Account to GDPU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis19802015-2.70[+]
United States Dallas Fed Manufacturing IndexFederal Reserve Bank of Dallas2004201615.50[+]
United States Disposable Personal IncomeU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis1959201614225.10[+]
United States Durable Goods OrdersU.S. Census Bureau19922016-4.60[+]
United States Durable Goods Orders Ex DefenseU.S. Census Bureau19922016-6.60[+]
United States Durable Goods Orders Ex TransportationU.S. Census Bureau199220160.50[+]
Ease of Doing Business in United StatesWorld Bank200820168.00[+]
United States IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism IndexTechnometrica Market Intelligence/The Investor's Business Daily2001201755.60[+]
United States Employed PersonsU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics19502016152111.00[+]
United States Employment Cost Index QoQU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics198220160.50[+]
United States Employment RateU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics1950201659.70[+]
United States Existing Home SalesNational Association of Realtors196820165610.00[+]
United States Export PricesU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics19832016121.10[+]
United States ExportsU.S. Census Bureau19502016185833.00[+]
United States Net International Investment PositionU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis20062016-7781138.00[+]
United States Factory OrdersU.S. Census Bureau19912016-2.40[+]
United States Factory Orders Ex TransportationU.S. Census Bureau199220160.10[+]
United States Fiscal Expenditure Financial Management Service, United States19542016346720.00[+]
United States Food InflationU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics19142016-0.20[+]
United States Net Purchases of US Treasury Bonds and NotesU.S. Department of the Treasury19782016-205.00[+]
United States Foreign Direct InvestmentU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis1994201641776.00[+]
United States Foreign Exchange ReservesFederal Reserve19572016118219.00[+]
United States Full Time EmploymentU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics19682016124248.00[+]
United States Gasoline PricesAmerican Petroleum Institute199220160.61[+]
United States Gasoline Stocks ChangeU.S. Energy Information Administration199020175951.00[+]
United States GDPWorld Bank1960201518036.65[+]
United States GDP Annual Growth RateU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis194820161.70[+]
United States GDP Constant PricesU.S. Bureau Of Economic Analysis1950201616727.00[+]
United States GDP DeflatorU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis19502016111.64[+]
United States GDP From AgricultureU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis20052016162.10[+]
United States GDP From ConstructionU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis20052016779.00[+]
United States GDP From ManufacturingU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis200520162171.70[+]
United States GDP From MiningU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis20052016258.30[+]
United States GDP From GovernmentU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis200520162381.00[+]
United States GDP From Private Services Producing IndustriesU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis2005201612698.00[+]
United States GDP From Transportation and WarehousingU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis20052016561.10[+]
United States GDP From UtilitiesU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis20052016283.90[+]
United States GDP Growth RateU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis194720163.50[+]
United States GDP per capitaWorld Bank1960201551638.10[+]
United States GDP per capita PPPWorld Bank1990201552704.20[+]
United States Gold ReservesWorld Gold Council200020168133.46[+]
United States Government Bond 10YU.S. Department of the Treasury191220172.47[+]
United States Federal Government BudgetU.S. Treasury19482016-3.20[+]
United States Government BudgetFinancial Management Service, US Treasury19542016-27516.00[+]
United States Government DebtU.S. Department of the Treasury1950201619976827.00[+]
United States Government Debt to GDPU.S. Bureau of Public Debt19402015104.17[+]
United States Government PayrollsU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics1950201612.00[+]
United States Government Revenues Financial Management Service, United States19802016319000.00[+]
United States Government SpendingU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis195020162906.40[+]
United States Government Spending To GdpU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis1970201438.10[+]
United States Gross Fixed Capital FormationU.S. Bureau Of Economic Analysis199520162779.30[+]
United States Gross National ProductU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis1950201616897.40[+]
United States Home Ownership RateU.S. Census Bureau1965201663.50[+]
United States Households Debt To GdpBank for International Settlements1952201678.80[+]
United States House Price Index MoM ChangeFederal Housing Finance Agency199120160.40[+]
United States Housing StartsU.S. Census Bureau195920161226.00[+]
United States Import PricesU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics19822016121.40[+]
United States ImportsU.S. Census Bureau19502016231072.00[+]
United States Industrial ProductionFederal Reserve192020160.50[+]
United States Industrial Production MoMFederal Reserve191920160.80[+]
United States Inflation RateU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics191420162.10[+]
United States Inflation Rate MoMU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics195020160.30[+]
United States Initial Jobless ClaimsU.S. Department of Labor19672017234.00[+]
US Dollar LIBOR Three Month RateICE198620171.03[+]
United States Fed Funds RateFederal Reserve197120160.75[+]
United States ISM New York IndexInstitute for Supply Management1993201663.80[+]
United States Job OpeningsU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics200020165522.00[+]
United States Job VacanciesU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics200020165246.00[+]
United States Labor Force Participation RateU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics1950201662.70[+]
United States Labor Market Conditions IndexFederal Reserve19762016-0.30[+]
United States Nonfarm Unit Labour CostU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics19502016110.70[+]
United States Coincident IndexFederal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia19792016179.83[+]
United States Living Wage FamilyWageIndicator Foundation201520162710.00[+]
United States Living Wage IndividualWageIndicator Foundation201520161660.00[+]
United States Commercial and Industrial LoansFederal Reserve195020162099.67[+]
United States Long Term Unemployment RateU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics201320161.15[+]
United States Manufacturing PayrollsU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics1950201617.00[+]
United States Manufacturing PMIMarkit Economics2012201654.30[+]
United States Manufacturing ProductionFederal Reserve192020160.20[+]
United States Military ExpenditureSIPRI19882015595472.10[+]
United States Federal Minimum Hourly WageDepartment of Labor193820157.25[+]
United States Mining ProductionFederal Reserve19732016-2.80[+]
United States Money Supply M0Federal Reserve195920163531576.00[+]
United States Money Supply M1Federal Reserve195920163320.70[+]
United States Money Supply M2Federal Reserve1959201613246.90[+]
United States MBA Mortgage ApplicationsMortgage Bankers Association of America200720170.80[+]
United States MBA 30-Yr Mortgage RateMortgage Bankers Association of America199020174.27[+]
United States Nahb Housing Market IndexNational Association of Home Builders1985201767.00[+]
United States Natural Gas Stocks ChangeU.S. Energy Information Administration19942017-243.00[+]
United States Net Long-term Tic FlowsU.S. Department of the Treasury197820169351.00[+]
United States New Home SalesU.S. Census Bureau19632016592.00[+]
United States New OrdersU.S. Census Bureau19922016458329.00[+]
United States Nfib Business Optimism IndexNational Federation of Independent Business19752016105.80[+]
United States Non Farm PayrollsU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics19392016156.00[+]
United States ISM Non Manufacturing PMIInstitute for Supply Management1997201657.20[+]
United States Nonfarm Payrolls - PrivateU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics19502016144.00[+]
United States NY Empire State Manufacturing IndexFederal Reserve Bank of New York200120176.50[+]
United States Part Time EmploymentU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics1968201627895.00[+]
United States Personal Consumption Expenditure Price IndexU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis19592016111.47[+]
United States Pending Home SalesNational Association of Realtors20022016-0.40[+]
United States Personal IncomeU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis195920160.00[+]
United States Personal Income Tax RateInternal Revenue Service2004201639.60[+]
United States Personal Savings RateU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis195920165.50[+]
United States Personal SpendingU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis195920160.20[+]
United States Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing IndexFederal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia1968201723.60[+]
United States PopulationU.S. Census Bureau19002015321.57[+]
United States Private Debt to GDPOECD19952015197.12[+]
United States Loans and Leases in Bank CreditFederal Reserve195020169136.21[+]
United States Producer PricesU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics20092016111.30[+]
United States Producer Prices ChangeU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics195020161.60[+]
United States Nonfarm Labour ProductivityU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics19502016106.90[+]
United States Redbook IndexRedbook Research Inc.200520170.30[+]
United States Retail Sales Ex Autos MoMU.S. Census Bureau199220160.20[+]
U.S. Retail SalesU.S. Census Bureau199220160.60[+]
United States Retail Sales YoYU.S. Census Bureau199320164.10[+]
United States Retirement Age - MenInternal Revenue Service2009201566.00[+]
United States Retirement Age - WomenInternal Revenue Service2009201566.00[+]
United States Richmond Fed Manufacturing IndexFederal Reserve Bank of Richmond199320168.00[+]
United States Sales Tax Rate 201320160.00[+]
United States Services PMIMarkit Economics2013201653.90[+]
US Small Business Health IndexFit Small Business2014201551.67[+]
United States Social Security RateInternal Revenue Service1981201621.30[+]
United States Social Security Rate For Companies 1981201613.65[+]
United States Social Security Rate For Employees 198120167.65[+]
United States Steel ProductionWorld Steel Association196920166226.00[+]
Dow Jones Industrial AverageDow Jones1912201719732.40[+]
United States Terms of TradeU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis19672016100.06[+]
United States of America Terrorism IndexInstitute for Economics and Peace200220154.88[+]
United States of America Terrorism IndexInstitute for Economics and Peace200220154.88[+]
United States Total Vehicle SalesAutodata Corporation1993201618.43[+]
United States Tourist Arrivals Office of Travel and Tourism Industries199620165978189.00[+]
United States Unemployed PersonsU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics195020167529.00[+]
United States Unemployment RateU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics194820164.70[+]
United States Wages and Salaries GrowthU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis196020163.52[+]
United States Average Hourly WagesU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics1964201621.80[+]
United States Wages High SkilledWageIndicator Foundation201520164130.00[+]
United States Average Hourly Wages in ManufacturingU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics1950201620.73[+]
United States Wages Low SkilledWageIndicator Foundation201520161780.00[+]
United States Weapons SalesSIPRI1950201510484.00[+]
United States Wholesale InventoriesU.S. Census Bureau199220161.00[+]
United States Youth Unemployment RateU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics1955201610.00[+]

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