Cyprus Greek Independence Day
Greece Independence Day
Lebanon Feast of the Annunciation
Bangladesh Independence Day
Mali Martyrs Day
Myanmar Armed Forces Day
Indonesia Balinese New Year
Central African Republic Barthelemy Boganda Day
Mauritius Ougadi
Trinidad and Tobago Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day
Malta Freedom Day
Cyprus National Day
Iran Islamic Republic Day
Iran Nature Day
Argentina Veterans Day
China Qing Ming Jie
Guinea Republic Day
Taiwan Tomb Sweeping Day
Hong Kong Ching Ming Festival
China Qing Ming Jie
Angola Peace Day
India Ram Navmi
Macau Ching Ming Festival
Nepal Ram Nawami
Senegal Independence Day
Taiwan Childrens Day
Burundi President Ntaryamira Day
Thailand Chakri Day
Vietnam Vietnamese King's Commemoration Day
Rwanda Tutsi Genocide Memorial Day
Mozambique Mozambican Women's Day
Kiribati Health Day
Tanzania Karume Day
Cuba Palm Sunday
Georgia Independence Restoration Day
Kosovo Constitution Day
India Mahavir Jayanti
Norway Palm Sunday
Tunisia Martyrs Day
Iran Birthday of Imam Ali
Kosovo Constitution Day (Substitute Day)
Sri Lanka Bak Full Moon Poya Day
Costa Rica Juan Santamaria Day
Israel Passover Begins
Myanmar Thingyan
Myanmar Thingyan
Costa Rica Maundy Thursday
Colombia Maundy Thursday
Cuba Maundy Thursday
Denmark Maundy Thursday
Ecuador Maundy Thursday
El Salvador Maundy Thursday
Bolivia Maundy Thursday
Andorra Maundy Thursday
Honduras Maundy Thursday
Iceland Maundy Thursday
Guatemala Maundy Thursday
Myanmar Thingyan
Nepal New Year
Mexico Maundy Thursday
Norway Maundy Thursday
Nicaragua Maundy Thursday
Panama Maundy Thursday
Paraguay Maundy Thursday
Peru Maundy Thursday
Philippines Maundy Thursday
Laos New Year
Spain Maundy Thursday
Sri Lanka Sinhala and Tamil New Year's Eve
Thailand Songkran
Uruguay Maundy Thursday
Venezuela Maundy Thursday
Guatemala Good Friday
Guyana Good Friday
Haiti Good Friday
Greece Orthodox Good Friday
Grenada Good Friday
Germany Good Friday
Ghana Good Friday
Iceland Good Friday
Honduras Good Friday
Honduras America Day
Hong Kong Good Friday
Andorra Good Friday
Angola Good Friday
Argentina Good Friday
Antigua and Barbuda Good Friday
Bangladesh New Year
Barbados Good Friday
Aruba Good Friday
Australia Good Friday
Bahamas Good Friday
Bolivia Good Friday
Bosnia and Herzegovina Orthodox Good Friday
Bosnia and Herzegovina Catholic Good Friday
Botswana Good Friday
Brazil Good Friday
Belize Good Friday
Bermuda Good Friday
Cambodia New Year
Canada Good Friday
Cayman Islands Good Friday
Bulgaria Orthodox Good Friday
El Salvador Good Friday
Ecuador Good Friday
East Timor Good Friday
Equatorial Guinea Good Friday
Eritrea Good Friday
Estonia Good Friday
Ethiopia Ethiopian Good Friday
Georgia Orthodox Good Friday
Gambia Good Friday
Finland Good Friday
Fiji Good Friday
France Good Friday
Denmark Good Friday
Cuba Good Friday
Cyprus Orthodox Good Friday
Czech Republic Good Friday
Dominica Good Friday
Dominican Republic Good Friday
Colombia Good Friday
Costa Rica Good Friday
Chile Good Friday
Cape Verde Good Friday
Latvia Good Friday
Lebanon Good Friday
Laos New Year
Lesotho Good Friday
Liberia Fast and Prayer Day
Luxembourg Good Friday
Liechtenstein Good Friday
Malawi Good Friday
Macau Good Friday
Isle of Man Good Friday
Ireland Good Friday
India Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti
Indonesia Good Friday
Kenya Good Friday
Kiribati Good Friday
Jamaica Good Friday
Philippines Good Friday
Portugal Good Friday
Puerto Rico Good Friday
Peru Good Friday
Paraguay Good Friday
Panama Good Friday
Papua New Guinea Good Friday
Nicaragua Good Friday
New Zealand Good Friday
Nigeria Good Friday
Norway Good Friday
Mexico Good Friday
Malta Good Friday
Montenegro Orthodox Good Friday
Netherlands Good Friday
Myanmar Thingyan
Namibia Good Friday
Rwanda Good Friday
Samoa Good Friday
Sao Tome And Principe Good Friday
Serbia Orthodox Good Friday
Seychelles Good Friday
Sierra Leone Good Friday
Slovakia Good Friday
Singapore Good Friday
Solomon Islands Good Friday
South Africa Good Friday
Venezuela Good Friday
Zambia Good Friday
Zimbabwe Good Friday
Uruguay Good Friday
Vanuatu Good Friday
Uganda Good Friday
United Kingdom Good Friday
Thailand Songkran
Tanzania Good Friday
Trinidad and Tobago Good Friday
Tonga Good Friday
Sri Lanka Sinhala and Tamil New Year's Eve
Spain Good Friday
Suriname Good Friday
Sweden Good Friday
Swaziland Good Friday
Switzerland Good Friday
Fiji Holy Saturday
Georgia Orthodox Holy Saturday
Ethiopia Ethiopian Easter Sunday
Bulgaria Holy Saturday
Cambodia New Year
Andorra Easter Saturday
Honduras Holy Saturday
Guatemala Holy Saturday
Solomon Islands Holy Saturday
Serbia Holy Saturday
Samoa Holy Saturday
Myanmar Thingyan
North Korea Day of the Sun
Laos New Year
Zambia Easter Sunday
Guatemala Easter Sunday
Haiti Easter Sunday
Guyana Easter Sunday
Grenada Easter Sunday
Greece Orthodox Easter Sunday
Honduras Easter Sunday
Hungary Easter Sunday
Andorra Easter Sunday
Albania Orthodox Easter Sunday
Albania Catholic Easter Sunday
Antigua and Barbuda Easter Sunday
Argentina Easter Sunday
Armenia Easter Sunday
Bahamas Easter Sunday
Austria Easter Sunday
Australia Easter Sunday
Aruba Easter Sunday
Barbados Easter Sunday
Cambodia New Year
Bulgaria Orthodox Easter Sunday
Bermuda Easter Sunday
Belize Easter Sunday
Brazil Easter Sunday
Bosnia and Herzegovina Catholic Easter Sunday
Bosnia and Herzegovina Orthodox Easter Sunday
Bolivia Easter Sunday
Estonia Easter Sunday
Egypt Coptic Easter Sunday
Ecuador Easter Sunday
El Salvador Easter Sunday
East Timor Easter Sunday
Georgia Orthodox Easter Sunday
Finland Easter Sunday
Croatia Easter Sunday
Colombia Easter Sunday
Dominican Republic Easter Sunday
Dominica Easter Sunday
Cyprus Orthodox Easter Sunday
Denmark Easter Sunday
Kosovo Orthodox Easter Sunday
Laos New Year
Lebanon Easter Sunday
Macedonia Orthodox Easter Sunday
Lithuania Easter Sunday
Jamaica Easter Sunday
Kosovo Catholic Easter Sunday
Jordan Easter
Norway Easter Sunday
New Zealand Easter Sunday
Nicaragua Easter Sunday
Papua New Guinea Easter Sunday
Panama Easter Sunday
Paraguay Easter Sunday
Peru Easter Sunday
Puerto Rico Easter Sunday
Poland Easter Sunday
Myanmar Thingyan
Netherlands Easter Sunday
Montenegro Orthodox Easter Sunday
Moldova Orthodox Easter Sunday
Samoa Easter Sunday
Portugal Easter Sunday
Solomon Islands Easter Sunday
Serbia Orthodox Easter Sunday
Venezuela Easter Sunday
Vanuatu Easter Sunday
Uruguay Easter Sunday
Ukraine Orthodox Easter Sunday
Sweden Easter Sunday
Suriname Easter Sunday
Sudan Easter Day
Trinidad and Tobago Easter Sunday
Syria Easter Sunday
Denmark Easter Monday
Czech Republic Easter Monday
Cyprus Orthodox Easter Monday
Croatia Easter Monday
Bosnia and Herzegovina Catholic Easter Monday
Central African Republic Easter Monday
Chad Easter Monday
Finland Easter Monday
Fiji Easter Monday
France Easter Monday
Georgia Orthodox Easter Monday
Gambia Easter Monday
Gabon Easter Monday
Gabon Women's Day
Egypt Spring Festival
Botswana Easter Monday
Belize Easter Monday
Benin Easter Monday
Bulgaria Orthodox Easter Monday
Burkina Faso Easter Monday
Bosnia and Herzegovina Orthodox Easter Monday
Cayman Islands Easter Monday
Barbados Easter Monday
Belgium Easter Monday
Australia Easter Monday
Austria Easter Monday
Albania Catholic Easter Monday
Albania Orthodox Easter Monday
Andorra Easter Monday
Hungary Easter Monday
Hong Kong Easter Monday
Guinea Easter Monday
Iceland Easter Monday
Greece Orthodox Easter Monday
Grenada Easter Monday
Ghana Easter Monday
Germany Easter Monday
Guyana Easter Monday
Guatemala Easter Monday
Senegal Easter Monday
Serbia Orthodox Easter Monday
Slovakia Easter Monday
Sierra Leone Easter Monday
Solomon Islands Easter Monday
South Africa Family Day
Slovenia Easter Monday
Republic Of The Congo Easter Monday
Romania Orthodox Easter Monday
Samoa Easter Monday
Rwanda Easter Monday
Moldova Orthodox Easter Monday
Monaco Easter Monday
Montenegro Orthodox Easter Monday
Mali Easter Monday
Netherlands Easter Monday
New Caledonia Easter Monday
Namibia Easter Monday
Myanmar Burmese New Year
Poland Easter Monday
Papua New Guinea Easter Monday
New Zealand Easter Monday
Nigeria Easter Monday
Niger Easter Monday
Norway Easter Monday
Kosovo Catholic Easter Monday
Kiribati Easter Monday
Kenya Easter Monday
Jamaica Easter Monday
Italy Easter Monday
Ivory Coast Easter Monday
Ireland Easter Monday
Isle of Man Easter Monday
Israel Passover Ends
Lithuania Easter Monday
Liechtenstein Easter Monday
Luxembourg Easter Monday
Macedonia Orthodox Easter Monday
Madagascar Easter Monday
Malawi Easter Monday
Laos New Year
Lesotho Easter Monday
Kosovo Orthodox Easter Monday
Latvia Easter Monday
Syria Independence Day
Trinidad and Tobago Easter Monday
Tanzania Easter Monday
Tonga Easter Monday
Togo Easter Monday
Sweden Easter Monday
Switzerland Easter Monday
Swaziland Easter Monday
Ukraine Orthodox Easter Monday
Uganda Easter Monday
Vanuatu Easter Monday
United Kingdom Easter Monday
Zambia Easter Monday
Zimbabwe Easter Monday
Cyprus Orthodox Easter Tuesday
Myanmar Burmese New Year
Zimbabwe Independence Day
Myanmar Burmese New Year
Venezuela Declaration of Independence
Swaziland Birthday of King Mswati III
Iceland First Day of Summer
Myanmar Burmese New Year
Brazil Tiradentes Day
Turkey National Sovereignty and Children's Day
Brunei Isra and Miraj
Armenia Genocide Remembrance Day
Comoros Ascension of the Prophet
Nepal Democracy Day
Oman El Issra Wall-Miraaj
Niger Concord Day
Kuwait Lailat Al Miraj
Indonesia Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad
Iran Prophets Ascension
Palestine Ascent of the Prophet Day
Somalia Isra and Miraj
United Arab Emirates Prophet's Ascension
Egypt Sinai Liberation Day
Australia ANZAC Day
Belarus Radonitsa
Italy Liberation Day
New Zealand ANZAC Day
North Korea Foundation Day of The Korean People's Army
Portugal Liberty Day
Swaziland National Flag Day
Tonga ANZAC Day
Tanzania Union Day
Aruba Kings Day
Netherlands King's Day
Slovenia Day of Uprising Against Occupation
South Africa Freedom Day
Sierra Leone Independence Day
Togo Independence Day
Barbados National Heroes Day
Afghanistan Afghan Victory Day
Japan Showa Day
Congo Education Day
Mauritius Labour Day
Vietnam Reunification Day
Zambia Labour Day
Zimbabwe Labour Day
Comoros Labour Day
Congo Labour Day
Colombia Labour Day
Croatia Labour Day
Costa Rica Labour Day
Chad Labour Day
Central African Republic Labour Day
Cape Verde Labour Day
Chile Labour Day
China Labour Day
Djibouti Labour Day
Czech Republic May Day
Dominica Labour Day
Cyprus Labour Day
Egypt Labour Day
El Salvador Labour Day
Ecuador Labour Day
East Timor Labor Day
Equatorial Guinea Labour Day
Eritrea Labour Day
Estonia Spring Day
Ethiopia Labour Day
Gabon Labour Day
Gambia Labour Day
France Labour Day
Finland Vappu (May Day)
Albania Labour Day
Algeria Labour Day
Andorra Labour Day
Armenia Labor Day
Argentina Labour Day
Angola Labour Day
Antigua and Barbuda Labour Day
Bangladesh May Day
Belgium Labour Day
Bahrain Labor Day
Belarus Labour Day
Aruba Labour Day
Austria Labour Day
Benin Labour Day
Belize Labour Day
Brazil Labour Day
Botswana Labour Day
Bolivia Labour Day
Bosnia and Herzegovina Labour Day
Bulgaria Labour Day
Burkina Faso Labour Day
Cambodia Labor Day
Burundi Labour Day
Iceland Labour Day
Guinea Bissau Labour Day
Honduras Labour Day
Hungary Labour Day
Guatemala Labour Day
Guinea Labour Day
Guyana Labour Day
Haiti Labour Day
Germany Labour Day
Ghana Labour Day
Grenada Labour Day
Greece Labour Day
Mauritania Labour Day
Mexico Labour Day
Moldova Labour Day
Macedonia Labour Day
Mali Labour Day
Malta Labour Day
Montenegro Labour Day
Monaco Labour Day
Nepal Labor Day
New Caledonia Labour Day
Morocco Labour Day
Myanmar Labour Day
Mozambique Labour Day
Namibia Labor Day
Portugal Labour Day
Poland Labour Day
Philippines Labor Day
Panama Labour Day
Peru Labour Day
Paraguay Labour Day
North Korea Labour Day
Pakistan Labor Day
Palestine Labour Day
Norway Labour Day
Nicaragua Labour Day
Niger Labor Day
Nigeria Labour Day
Italy Labour Day
Ivory Coast Labour Day
Kosovo Labour Day
Jordan Labour Day
Kenya Labour Day
Indonesia Labor Day
India Maharashtra Day
Iraq Labor Day
Ireland May Bank Holiday
Isle of Man Early May Bank Holiday
Kyrgyzstan Labour Day
Latvia Labour Day
Laos Labour Day
Lesotho Labour Day
Libya Labour Day
Lebanon Labour Day
Malawi Labor Day
Madagascar Labour Day
Maldives Labour Day
Malaysia Labor Day
Luxembourg Labour Day
Macau Labor Day
Liechtenstein Labour Day
Lithuania Labour Day
Slovakia Labour Day
Seychelles Labour Day
South Africa Labour Day
Slovenia Labour Day
Singapore Labor Day
Republic Of The Congo Labour Day
Romania Labour Day
Russia Labour Day
Rwanda Labor Day
Serbia Labour Day
Sao Tome And Principe Labour Day
Senegal Labour Day
Somalia Labour Day
Yemen Labour Day
Vietnam Liberation Day
Venezuela Labour Day
Ukraine Labour Day
United Kingdom Early May Bank Holiday
Vanuatu Labour Day
Uruguay Labour Day
Turkey Labour and Solidarity Day
Tunisia Labor Day
Uganda Labour Day
Togo Labour Day
Tanzania Labour Day
Tajikistan Labour Day
Thailand Labor Day
Syria Labour Day
Taiwan Labor Day
Swaziland Labour Day
Switzerland Labour Day
Sweden Labour Day
Suriname Labour Day
Sri Lanka Labour Day
Spain Labour Day
South Sudan Labour Day
Hong Kong Labor Day
Bosnia and Herzegovina Labour Day (Day 2)
Bhutan Birth Anniversary of the Third King
Barbados Labour Day
Cuba Labour Day
Dominican Republic Labour Day
Slovenia Labour Day Holiday
Serbia Labour Day Holiday
Israel Independence Day
Kazakhstan Unity Day
Montenegro Labour Day Holiday
Ukraine Labour Day Holiday
Poland Constitution Day
Japan Constitution Day
Macau Buddha's Birthday
Laos Buddha's Birthday
Vietnam Labour Day
South Korea Buddha's Birthday
Latvia Declaration of Independence
Japan Greenery Day
Namibia Cassinga Day
Djibouti Ascension of the Prophet
Ethiopia Freedom Day
Bhutan Death Anniversary Zhabdrung
Guyana Arrival Day
Netherlands Liberation Day
Japan Children's Day
Kyrgyzstan Constitution Day
Latvia Bank Holiday
Lesotho Ascension Day
South Korea Children's Day
Swaziland Ascension Day
Thailand Coronation Day
Bulgaria St George's Day and Bulgarian Army’s Day
Syria Martyr's Day
Lithuania Mother’s Day
Kazakhstan Defender of the Fatherland Day
France WWII Victory Day
Czech Republic Liberation from Fascism
Kazakhstan Defender of the Fatherland Day
New Caledonia Victory Day
Slovakia End of World War II
Russia Victory Day Holiday
Georgia Victory Day
Bosnia and Herzegovina Victory Day
Belarus Victory Day
Azerbaijan Victory Day
Armenia Victory Day
Russia Victory Day
Moldova Victory and Memorial Day
Kyrgyzstan Victory Day
Kosovo Europe Day
Kazakhstan Victory Day
Tajikistan Victory Day
Uzbekistan Victory Day
Ukraine Victory Day
Turkmenistan Victory Day
Bangladesh Buddha's Birthday
Cambodia Buddhas Birthday
Malaysia Buddha's Birthday
Nepal Buddhas Birthday
Singapore Buddha's Birthday
Thailand Buddha's Birthday
Sri Lanka Buddha's Birthday
Indonesia Buddha's Birthday
Sri Lanka Day After Buddha's Birthday
Bangladesh Shab e-Barat
Georgia St Andrews Day
Denmark Day of Prayer
Iran Imam Mahdis birthday
Cambodia Royal Plowing Ceremony
Cambodia Kings Birthday
Hong Kong Buddha's Birthday
Malawi Kamuzu Day
Liberia National Unification Day
Puerto Rico Mothers Day
Cambodia Kings Birthday
Cayman Islands Discovery Day
Paraguay Independence Day
Samoa Mothers Day
Cambodia King's Birthday
Central African Republic Whit Monday
South Sudan SPLA Day
Congo Liberation Day
Norway Constitution Day
Haiti Flag Day
Turkmenistan Constitution Day
Uruguay Battle of Las Pedras
Turkey Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day
East Timor Independence Day
Chile Navy Day
Myanmar Buddha's Birthday
Montenegro Independence Day
Canada Victoria Day
Montenegro Independence Day (Substitute Day)
Yemen Unity Day
Jamaica Labour Day
Bulgaria Education and Culture, and Slavic Script Day
Bermuda Bermuda Day
Belize Sovereign's Day
Ecuador The Battle of Pichincha
Eritrea Independence Day
Israel Jerusalem Day
Gambia Africa Day
Finland Ascension Day
France Ascension Day
Central African Republic Ascension Day
Denmark Ascension Day
Benin Ascension Day
Botswana Ascension Day
Burkina Faso Ascension Day
Burundi Ascension Day
Belgium Ascension Day
Austria Ascension Day
Aruba Ascension Day
Argentina National Day
Andorra Ascension Day
Guinea Africa Day
Ghana African Union Day
Germany Ascension Day
Iceland Ascension Day
Ivory Coast Ascension Day
Jordan Independence Day
Indonesia Ascension Day
Lesotho Africa Day
Lebanon South Liberation Day
Madagascar Ascension Day
Liechtenstein Ascension Day
Luxembourg Ascension Day
Monaco Ascension Day
Mali Africa Day
Mauritania Africa Day
Namibia Ascension Day
Namibia Africa Day
Netherlands Ascension Day
New Caledonia Ascension Day
Norway Ascension Day
Senegal Ascension Day
Republic Of The Congo Ascension Day
Zambia African Freedom Day
Zimbabwe Africa Day
Vanuatu Ascension Day
Switzerland Ascension Day
Sweden Ascension Day
Honduras Corpus Christi Day
Guyana Independence Day
Georgia Independence Day
New Caledonia Bank Holiday
Afghanistan Ramadan starts
Brunei First Day of Ramadan
Maldives First Day of Ramadan
Armenia Republic Day
Ethiopia Derg Downfall Day
Nepal Republic Day
China Dragon Boat Festival
Colombia Ascension Day
Nigeria Democracy Day
Isle of Man Late May Bank Holiday
Puerto Rico Memorial Day
Taiwan Dragon Boat Festival
United Kingdom Spring Bank Holiday
United States Memorial Day
China Dragon Boat Festival
Azerbaijan Republic Day
Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival
Macau Dragon Boat Festival
Taiwan Dragon Boat Festival
Trinidad and Tobago Indian Arrival Day
Brunei Armed Forces Day
Israel Pentecost
Cambodia International Children Day
Cape Verde Childrens Day
Kenya Madaraka Day
Indonesia Pancasila Day
Moldova International Children's Day
Mongolia Childrens Day
Samoa Independence Day
Bahamas Labour Day
Italy Republic Day
Malaysia King's Birthday
Uganda Martyr's Day
Austria Whit Monday
Denmark Whit Sunday
Estonia Whit Sunday
Finland Whit Sunday
Hungary Whit Sunday
Lithuania Father’s Day
Iran Anniversary of Khomeinis Death
Netherlands Whit Sunday
Norway Whit Sunday
Romania Orthodox Whit Sunday
Sweden Whit Sunday
Iceland Whit Monday
Hungary Whit Monday
Germany Whit Monday
Greece Orthodox Whit Monday
Grenada Whit Monday
Gabon Whit Monday
Equatorial Guinea Presidents Day
Denmark Whit Monday
Denmark Constitution Day
Cyprus Orthodox Whit Monday
Dominica Corpus Christi Day
Bahamas Whit Monday
Belgium Whit Monday
Barbados Whit Monday
Antigua and Barbuda Whit Monday
Andorra Whit Monday
Benin Whit Monday
Republic of the Congo Whit Monday
Romania Orthodox Whit Monday
Senegal Whit Monday
Solomon Islands Whit Monday
Seychelles Liberation Day
Norway Whit Monday
New Caledonia Whit Monday
New Zealand Queen's Birthday Day
Netherlands Whit Monday
Monaco Whit Monday
Mali Whit Monday
Iran Revolt of Khordad 15
Ireland June Bank Holiday
Ivory Coast Whit Monday
Liechtenstein Whit Monday
Luxembourg Whit Monday
Madagascar Whit Monday
Switzerland Whit Monday
Togo Whit Monday
Tonga Emancipation Day
Ukraine Orthodox Whit Monday
Sweden National Day
South Korea Memorial Day
Malta Sette Giugno
Isle of Man T.T. Bank Holiday
Sri Lanka Poson Full Moon Poya Day
Uganda National Heroes Day
Portugal National Day
Republic Of The Congo Day of National Reconciliation
Cayman Islands Queens Birthday
Brunei Revelation of the Koran
Australia Queen's Birthday Day
Russia National Day
Solomon Islands Queen's Birthday Day
Paraguay Chaco Armistice Day
Papua New Guinea Queens Birthday Day
Philippines Independence Day
Malawi Freedom Day
Azerbaijan National Salvation Day
Austria Corpus Christi
Brazil Corpus Christi Day
Bolivia Corpus Christi Day
Dominican Republic Corpus Christi Day
Croatia Corpus Christi
Equatorial Guinea Corpus Christi
East Timor Corpus Christi
Grenada Corpus Christi
Germany Corpus Christi
Haiti Corpus Christi Day
Liechtenstein Corpus Christi
Poland Corpus Christi
Portugal Corpus Christi
Monaco Corpus Christi
Seychelles Corpus Christi
Trinidad and Tobago Corpus Christi Day
South Africa Youth Day
Iran Martyrdom of Imam Ali
Iceland National Day
Cambodia Queen Mother's Birthday
Puerto Rico Fathers Day
Seychelles Constitution Day
Bermuda National Heroes Day
Colombia Corpus Christi Day
Seychelles Adjustment Holiday
Trinidad and Tobago Labour Day
Uruguay Artigas Birthday
Eritrea Martyr's Day
Argentina National Flag Day
Bolivia Aymara Day
Gambia Lailat al-Qadr
Guinea Lailat al-Qadr
Niger Lailatoul-Qadr
Ivory Coast Lailat al-Qadr
Malaysia Nuzul Al-Quran
Togo Day of the Martyrs
Croatia Anti-Fascist Resistance Day
Bangladesh Night of Destiny
Finland Midsummer Eve
Fiji National Sports Day
Estonia Victory Day
Luxembourg National Day
Latvia Midsummer Day
Sweden Midsummer Eve
Estonia Midsummer Day
Finland Midsummer Day
Andorra Midsummer Day
Latvia St John's Day
Lithuania St John's Day
Sweden Midsummer Day
Venezuela St. Johns Day
Albania End of Ramadan
Bahrain End of Ramadan
Croatia National Day
Djibouti End of Ramadan
Malaysia End of Ramadan
Maldives End of Ramadan
Kosovo End of Ramadan
Libya End of Ramadan
Indonesia End of Ramadan
Iraq End of Ramadan
Mozambique Independence Day
Slovenia National Day
United Arab Emirates End of Ramadan
Turkey End of Ramadan
Syria End of Ramadan