Costa Rica - Poverty gap at urban poverty line (%)

Poverty gap at urban poverty line (%) in Costa Rica was at 7.6 %, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

 costa rica poverty gap at urban poverty line percent wb data

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Poverty gap at urban poverty line is the mean shortfall from the poverty line (counting the nonpoor as having zero shortfall) as a percentage of the national urban poverty line. This measure reflects the depth of poverty as well as its incidence.

Costa Rica | Poverty

HOI: Internet
49.64 %
HOI: Sanitation
95.73 %
HOI: Water
95.76 %
Atkinson, A(.5)
0.1905 %
Atkinson, A(1)
0.3408 %
Atkinson, A(2)
0.5772 %
Gini Coefficient
0.4853 %
Rate 75/25
3.14 %
Rate 90/10
9.61 %
Gini, Rural
0.4766 %
Gini, Urban
0.4736 %
GINI index
48.53 %