East Asia & Pacific (developing only) - Crop production index (1999-2001 = 100)

Crop production index (1999-2001 = 100) in East Asia & Pacific (developing only) was at 132, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

 east asia and pacific crop production index 1999 2001  100 wb data

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Crop production index shows agricultural production for each year relative to the base period 1999-2001. It includes all crops except fodder crops. Regional and income group aggregates for the FAO's production indexes are calculated from the underlying values in international dollars, normalized to the base period 1999-2001.

East Asia & Pacific (developing only) | Agriculture

Forest area (sq. km)
4737966 sq. Km
Land area (sq. km)
15913941 sq. Km
Surface area (sq. km)
16270859 sq. Km
Rural population