Guinea - Population in largest city

Population in largest city in Guinea was at 1936045, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

 guinea population in largest city wb data

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Population in largest city is the urban population living in the country's largest metropolitan area.

Guinea | Development

Land area (hectares)
24572000 ha
Total assets (current LCU)
15740763202300 LCU
Capital revenue (current LCU)
1162340000000 LCU
Direct taxes (current LCU)
1000780000000 LCU
Total revenue (current LCU)
895400000000 LCU
Expense (current US$)
466022329 USD
Age of firm (years)
8.41 years
Internet users
132884 Persons
Indirect taxes (current LCU)
125700000000 LCU
Population, male
5165533 Persons