Commitments - IBRD (COM - US dollar) in Low income

Commitments (IBRD) are the sum of new commitments on public and publicly guaranteed loans from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). Data are in current U.S. dollars. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Commitments - IBRD (COM - US dollar) in Low income.

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LOW INCOME | External debt
Principal arrears; private creditors (US dollar) in Low income 3826002000.01512921000.01941187000.01443105000.0 [+]
Principal forgiven (US dollar) in Low income 1511962000.0505670740.03495442300.040482000.0 [+]
Principal rescheduled (US dollar) in Low income 1437689000.0396183000.0537347000.046116000.0 [+]
Principal rescheduled; official (US dollar) in Low income 1145039000.0385067000.0501827000.046116000.0 [+]
Principal rescheduled; private (US dollar) in Low income 292650000.011116000.035520000.0  [+]
Commitments; public and publicly guaranteed (COM; US dollar) in Low income 8874387000.04217037000.013157649000.022747049000.0 [+]
Commitments; IBRD (COM; US dollar) in Low income 130800000.00.00.0  [+]
Commitments; IDA (COM; US dollar) in Low income 3489646000.02471120000.04814350000.05184136000.0 [+]
Commitments; official creditors (COM; US dollar) in Low income 7820641000.04146890000.012048150000.018108598000.0 [+]
Commitments; private creditors (COM; US dollar) in Low income 1053746000.070147000.01109499000.04638451000.0 [+]