Concessional debt (% of total external debt) in Lower middle income

Concessional debt (% of total external debt) in Lower middle income was last measured at 19.16 in 2014, according to the World Bank. Concessional debt to total external debt stocks. Concessional debt is defined as loans with an original grant element of 25 percent or more. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Concessional debt (% of total external debt) in Lower middle income.

 lower middle income concessional debt percent of total external debt wb data

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Principal arrears; private creditors (US dollar) in Lower middle income 17279677000.010370554000.07792800000.013253548000.0 [+]
Principal forgiven (US dollar) in Lower middle income 10843987000.0396598330.0503683240.0163489000.0 [+]
Principal rescheduled (US dollar) in Lower middle income 4745168000.016280532000.01870792000.0442000.0 [+]
Principal rescheduled; official (US dollar) in Lower middle income 2749443000.013097634000.01725010000.0442000.0 [+]
Principal rescheduled; private (US dollar) in Lower middle income 1995725000.03182898000.0145782000.0  [+]
Commitments; public and publicly guaranteed (COM; US dollar) in Lower middle income 48443803000.028261245000.080703183200.098642777915.0 [+]
Commitments; IBRD (COM; US dollar) in Lower middle income 6945000000.02271610000.09212463000.07906154000.0 [+]
Commitments; IDA (COM; US dollar) in Lower middle income 2738922000.02691400000.06301624000.07742424198.8 [+]
Commitments; official creditors (COM; US dollar) in Lower middle income 29173754000.014432678000.050773991200.049988705407.4 [+]
Commitments; private creditors (COM; US dollar) in Lower middle income 19270049000.013828567000.029929192000.048654073507.6 [+]