Net transfers on external debt - private nonguaranteed (PNG) (NTR - US dollar) in Lower middle income

Net transfers on external debt; private nonguaranteed (PNG) (NTR; US dollar) in Lower middle income was last measured at 40971301000 in 2014, according to the World Bank. Private nonguaranteed external debt is an external obligation of a private debtor that is not guaranteed for repayment by a public entity. Net transfers are net flows minus interest payments during the year; negative transfers show net transfers made by the borrower to the creditor during the year. Long-term external debt is defined as debt that has an original or extended maturity of more than one year and that is owed to nonresidents by residents of an economy and repayable in foreign currency, goods, or services. Data are in current U.S. dollars. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Net transfers on external debt - private nonguaranteed (PNG) (NTR - US dollar) in Lower middle income.

 lower middle income net transfers on external debt private nonguaranteed png ntr us dollar wb data

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Principal rescheduled; private (US dollar) in Lower middle income 1995725000.03182898000.0145782000.0  [+]
Principal rescheduled; official (US dollar) in Lower middle income 2749443000.013097634000.01725010000.0442000.0 [+]
Principal rescheduled (US dollar) in Lower middle income 4745168000.016280532000.01870792000.0442000.0 [+]
Principal forgiven (US dollar) in Lower middle income 10843987000.0396598330.0503683240.0163489000.0 [+]
Principal arrears; private creditors (US dollar) in Lower middle income 17279677000.010370554000.07792800000.013253548000.0 [+]
Currency composition of PPG debt; Pound sterling (%) in Lower middle income [+]
Disbursements on external debt; public and publicly guaranteed (PPG) (DIS; US dollar) in Lower middle income 39060420000.030669049000.078896600500.0124646423010.1 [+]
IMF purchases (DIS; US dollar) in Lower middle income 2265124000.02188542000.07324774000.07123460000.0 [+]
IMF repurchases (AMT; US dollar) in Lower middle income 3117828000.01736193000.0458748000.07029060756.3 [+]
PNG; bonds (AMT; US dollar) in Lower middle income 0.02880116000.04961072000.03112368000.0 [+]