PPG - bilateral concessional (NTR - US dollar) in South Asia

PPG; bilateral concessional (NTR; US dollar) in South Asia was last measured at 2521113000 in 2014, according to the World Bank. Bilateral debt includes loans from governments and their agencies (including central banks), loans from autonomous bodies, and direct loans from official export credit agencies. Concessional debt is defined as loans with an original grant element of 25 percent or more. The grant element of a loan is the grant equivalent expressed as a percentage of the amount committed. It is used as a measure of the overall cost of borrowing. The grant equivalent of a loan is its commitment (present) value, less the discounted present value of its contractual debt service; conventionally, future service payments are discounted at 10 percent. Net transfers are net flows minus interest payments during the year; negative transfers show net transfers made by the borrower to the creditor during the year. Data are in current U.S. dollars. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for PPG - bilateral concessional (NTR - US dollar) in South Asia.

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SOUTH ASIA | External debt
Principal arrears; private creditors (US dollar) in South Asia 697000.0188380000.091317000.097009000.0 [+]
Principal forgiven (US dollar) in South Asia 15000.08820000.0130050000.0  [+]
Principal rescheduled (US dollar) in South Asia 0.0652637000.01698000.0  [+]
Principal rescheduled; official (US dollar) in South Asia 0.0575069000.01698000.0  [+]
Principal rescheduled; private (US dollar) in South Asia 0.077568000.00.0  [+]
Commitments; public and publicly guaranteed (COM; US dollar) in South Asia 13939043000.012816725000.024911882000.043728788727.3 [+]
Commitments; IBRD (COM; US dollar) in South Asia 1990500000.01495270000.02179340000.0977000000.0 [+]
Commitments; IDA (COM; US dollar) in South Asia 2060917000.0903890000.04028413000.06072682234.6 [+]
Commitments; official creditors (COM; US dollar) in South Asia 9289407000.05447835000.018299616000.025263369219.7 [+]
Commitments; private creditors (COM; US dollar) in South Asia 4649636000.07368890000.06612266000.018465420507.6 [+]