PNG - bonds (DIS - US dollar) in Sub Saharan Africa

PNG; bonds (DIS; US dollar) in Sub Saharan Africa was last measured at 3812505000 in 2014, according to the World Bank. Nonguaranteed long-term debt from bonds that are privately placed. Disbursements are drawings by the borrower on loan commitments during the year specified. Data are in current U.S. dollars. This page has the latest recorded value, an historical data chart and related indicators for PNG - bonds (DIS - US dollar) in Sub Saharan Africa.

 sub saharan africa png bonds dis us dollar wb data

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SUB SAHARAN AFRICA | External debt
Principal arrears; private creditors (US dollar) in Sub Saharan Africa 7878783000.06496698000.04530434000.06123734000.0 [+]
Principal forgiven (US dollar) in Sub Saharan Africa 1583466000.0624974140.03642283520.036771000.0 [+]
Principal rescheduled (US dollar) in Sub Saharan Africa 3958193000.013116336000.02478920000.0  [+]
Principal rescheduled; official (US dollar) in Sub Saharan Africa 2689840000.011087755000.02258262000.0  [+]
Principal rescheduled; private (US dollar) in Sub Saharan Africa 1268353000.02028581000.0220658000.0  [+]
Commitments; public and publicly guaranteed (COM; US dollar) in Sub Saharan Africa 11447847000.08355357000.031136127000.043024288000.0 [+]
Commitments; IBRD (COM; US dollar) in Sub Saharan Africa 978900000.04750000.03915400000.017279000.0 [+]
Commitments; IDA (COM; US dollar) in Sub Saharan Africa 2892502000.02996860000.05469850000.05100155000.0 [+]
Commitments; official creditors (COM; US dollar) in Sub Saharan Africa 9422707000.04875795000.023915423000.023477576000.0 [+]
Commitments; private creditors (COM; US dollar) in Sub Saharan Africa 2025140000.03479562000.07220704000.019546712000.0 [+]