Aruba Indicators

GDP Last Reference
Gdp 2.58 USD Billion Dec/11
Prices Last Reference
Inflation Rate -0.7 % Sep/16
Consumer Price Index Cpi 117 Index Points Sep/16
Food Inflation -0.75 % Sep/16
Inflation Rate Mom 0.2 % Sep/16
Money Last Reference
Deposit Interest Rate 1.9 % Dec/15
Trade Last Reference
Balance of Trade -424 AFI Million Jun/16
Exports 45.6 AFI Million Jun/16
Imports 469 AFI Million Jun/16
Gold Reserves 3.11 Tonnes Jun/16
Government Last Reference
Government Budget -4.2 % of GDP Dec/15
Taxes Last Reference
Corporate Tax Rate 28 % Dec/15
Personal Income Tax Rate 59 % Dec/15
Sales Tax Rate 1.5 % Dec/15

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