Bahrain - Government expenditure per student, secondary (% of GDP per capita)

Government expenditure per student, secondary (% of GDP per capita) in Bahrain was at 15.94 % in 2013, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

 bahrain expenditure per student secondary percent of gdp per capita wb data

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Public expenditure per student is the public current spending on education divided by the total number of students by level, as a percentage of GDP per capita. Public expenditure (current and capital) includes government spending on educational institutions (both public and private), education administration as well as subsidies for private entities (students/households and other privates entities).

Bahrain | Education

Population, age 0, total
12685 Persons
Population, age 1, total
12542 Persons
Population, age 2, total
12456 Persons
Population, age 3, total
12416 Persons
Population, age 4, total
12418 Persons
Population, age 5, total
12449 Persons
Population, age 6, total
12505 Persons
Population, age 7, total
12578 Persons
Population, age 8, total
12659 Persons
Population, age 9, total
12738 Persons