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The Bank of Thailand unanimously kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged at 1.5 percent on December 21st as expected. While highlighting downside risks to the economy, policymakers projected headline inflation to rise gradually and return to the target band within the first quarter of 2017. Interest Rate in Thailand averaged 2.32 percent from 2000 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 5 percent in June of 2006 and a record low of 1.25 percent in June of 2003.

Thailand Interest Rate
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Calendar GMT Reference Actual Previous Consensus Forecast (i)
2016-09-14 07:10 AM Interest Rate Decision 1.5% 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
2016-11-09 07:15 AM Interest Rate Decision 1.5% 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
2016-12-21 07:30 AM Interest Rate Decision 1.5% 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
2017-02-08 07:30 AM Interest Rate Decision 1.5%
2017-03-29 07:30 AM Interest Rate Decision
2017-05-24 07:30 AM Interest Rate Decision

Thailand Holds Key Interest Rate Steady at 1.5%

The Bank of Thailand unanimously kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged at 1.5 percent on December 21st, as expected. While highlighting downside risks to the economy increased, policymakers projected headline inflation to rise gradually and return to the target band within the first quarter of 2017.

Statement by the Bank of Thailand:

The Committee assessed that the Thai economy would continue to expand at a pace close to the previous assessment, but downside risks increased. Inflation was still expected to slowly rise. Meanwhile, monetary conditions remained accommodative and conducive to the economic recovery. Hence, the Committee decided to keep the policy rate on hold at this meeting.

The Thai economy was projected to expand at a pace close to the previous assessment. Tourism was affected more than expected by recent measures to curb illegitimate tour operators, and private investment remained low. Nevertheless, such negative impact on growth was offset by improvements seen in exports of goods due to recent consolidation of production location of certain products to Thailand. Moreover, private consumption improved on the back of farm income and the government’s short-term stimulus measures. Meanwhile, public expenditure remained an important growth driver for the economy. Looking ahead, the Committee viewed that the Thai economy remained on a recovery path with the overall growth momentum largely unchanged from the previous meeting. However, risks to growth tilted further to the downside due to Thailand’s trading partners which might record weaker-than-expected growth, uncertainties in the direction of the US trade policies that would have significant implications for confidence and international trade, and the number of Chinese tourists that could turn out lower than projected. Meanwhile, uncertainties pertaining to political developments in Europe as well as concerns over the European and Chinese financial sectors continued to warrant close monitoring.

Headline inflation was projected to gradually rise and return to the target band within the first quarter of 2017, although the timing would depend largely on future development in oil and fresh food prices. Core inflation remained stable at low levels around the previous assessment. Meanwhile, the public’s medium-term inflation expectations remained close to the target.

Overall monetary conditions remained accommodative and conducive to the economic recovery with ample liquidity in the financial system and low real interest rates. Long-term bond yields increased but remained close to last year’s averages. Over the recent period, the baht depreciated against the US dollar, though to a lesser extent compared with overall trading partner currencies which might not be as beneficial to the ongoing economic recovery as it could. In addition, financial stability remained sound and able to provide cushion against economic and financial volatilities on both domestic and external fronts. However, there remained pockets of risks that warranted close monitoring such as the deterioration in loan quality of some business sectors and the search-for-yield behavior in the prolonged low interest rate environment. 

The Committee assessed that the Thai economy would still be facing greater uncertainties going forward, particularly the fragile global economic recovery and uncertainties in the economic and monetary policy directions of major advanced economies that might induce greater capital flow and exchange rate volatility. The Committee viewed that monetary policy should remain accommodative, and stands ready to utilize an appropriate mix of available policy tools in order to ensure that monetary conditions are conducive to the economic recovery, while ensuring financial stability.

Bank of Thailand l Rida Husna |
12/21/2016 8:31:59 AM

Thailand Money Last Previous Highest Lowest Unit
Interest Rate 1.50 1.50 5.00 1.25 percent [+]
Money Supply M0 1255431.00 1232067.00 1255431.00 280977.00 THB Million [+]
Money Supply M1 1781.40 1760.90 1781.70 365.90 THB Billion [+]
Money Supply M3 18115.14 17982.78 18115.14 5077.80 THB Billion [+]
Banks Balance Sheet 17783257.00 17593382.00 17783257.00 14874369.00 THB Million [+]
Foreign Exchange Reserves 171853.24 174705.25 189883.65 326.00 USD Million [+]
Loans to Private Sector 3838085.00 3828279.00 3838085.00 1701089.00 THB Million [+]
Deposit Interest Rate 1.40 2.88 13.67 1.00 percent [+]
Interbank Rate 1.59 1.59 5.41 1.20 percent [+]
Central Bank Balance Sheet 6878254.00 7001069.00 7158097.00 2103522.00 THB Million [+]

Thailand Interest Rate Notes

In Thailand, interest rates decisions are taken by The Bank of Thailand’s Monetary Policy Committee. The main interest rate is the 1-day repurchase rate. This page provides - Thailand Interest Rate - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news. Thailand Interest Rate - actual data, historical chart and calendar of releases - was last updated on January of 2017.

Actual Previous Highest Lowest Dates Unit Frequency
1.50 1.50 5.00 1.25 2000 - 2016 percent Daily

Ghana 25.50 Dec/16
Argentina 24.75 Jan/17
Malawi 24.00 Dec/16
Mozambique 23.25 Dec/16
Gambia 23.00 Dec/16
Venezuela 22.48 Nov/16
Haiti 20.00 Dec/16
Iran 20.00 Dec/16
Belarus 17.00 Jan/17
Angola 16.00 Dec/16
Zambia 15.50 Dec/16
Afghanistan 15.00 Dec/16
Azerbaijan 15.00 Dec/16
Yemen 15.00 Dec/16
Egypt 14.75 Dec/16
Sudan 14.20 Dec/16
Congo 14.00 Jan/17
Mongolia 14.00 Dec/16
Nigeria 14.00 Dec/16
Ukraine 14.00 Dec/16
Liberia 13.70 Dec/16
Brazil 13.00 Jan/17
Guinea 12.50 Dec/16
Suriname 12.50 Dec/15
Seychelles 12.36 Nov/16
Kazakhstan 12.00 Jan/17
Tanzania 12.00 Oct/16
Uganda 12.00 Dec/16
Djibouti 11.60 Dec/15
Sierra Leone 11.00 Dec/16
Tajikistan 11.00 Dec/16
Zimbabwe 10.68 Dec/16
Kenya 10.00 Dec/16
Lebanon 10.00 Dec/16
Myanmar 10.00 Dec/16
Russia 10.00 Dec/16
Sao Tome and Principe 10.00 Dec/16
Uruguay 9.25 Dec/16
Mauritania 9.00 Dec/16
Moldova 9.00 Dec/16
Uzbekistan 9.00 Dec/16
Madagascar 8.30 Dec/16
Ecuador 8.10 Dec/16
Turkey 8.00 Dec/16
Burundi 7.95 Dec/16
Cape Verde 7.50 Dec/16
Colombia 7.50 Dec/16
Maldives 7.00 Dec/16
Namibia 7.00 Dec/16
Nepal 7.00 Dec/16
South Africa 7.00 Dec/16
Sri Lanka 7.00 Dec/16
Swaziland 7.00 Dec/16
Bangladesh 6.75 Dec/16
Lesotho 6.64 Sep/16
Georgia 6.50 Dec/16
Vietnam 6.50 Dec/16
Armenia 6.25 Dec/16
India 6.25 Dec/16
Papua New Guinea 6.25 Dec/16
Rwanda 6.25 Dec/16
Bhutan 6.00 Dec/16
Mexico 5.75 Dec/16
Pakistan 5.75 Dec/16
Bosnia and Herzegovina 5.69 Oct/16
Botswana 5.50 Dec/16
Brunei 5.50 Dec/16
Dominican Republic 5.50 Dec/16
Honduras 5.50 Dec/16
Paraguay 5.50 Dec/16
Ethiopia 5.00 Dec/16
Guyana 5.00 Dec/16
Iceland 5.00 Dec/16
Jamaica 5.00 Dec/16
Kyrgyzstan 5.00 Dec/16
Indonesia 4.75 Jan/17
Qatar 4.75 Dec/16
Trinidad and Tobago 4.75 Nov/16
Benin 4.50 Dec/16
Burkina Faso 4.50 Dec/16
Guinea Bissau 4.50 Dec/16
Ivory Coast 4.50 Dec/16
Mali 4.50 Dec/16
Niger 4.50 Dec/16
Senegal 4.50 Dec/16
Togo 4.50 Dec/16
El Salvador 4.46 Oct/16
China 4.35 Dec/16
Laos 4.25 Dec/16
Peru 4.25 Jan/17
Tunisia 4.25 Dec/16
Algeria 4.00 Dec/16
Bahamas 4.00 Dec/16
Iraq 4.00 Dec/16
Macedonia 4.00 Nov/16
Mauritius 4.00 Dec/16
Serbia 4.00 Jan/17
Jordan 3.75 Dec/16
Barbados 3.29 Dec/16
Chile 3.25 Jan/17
Guatemala 3.00 Dec/16
Libya 3.00 Dec/16
Malaysia 3.00 Jan/17
Philippines 3.00 Dec/16
Belize 2.50 Dec/16
Croatia 2.50 Nov/16
Kuwait 2.50 Dec/16
Cameroon 2.45 Dec/16
Central African Republic 2.45 Dec/16
Chad 2.45 Dec/16
Equatorial Guinea 2.45 Dec/16
Gabon 2.45 Dec/16
Republic of the Congo 2.45 Dec/16
Cuba 2.25 Dec/16
Morocco 2.25 Dec/16
Bolivia 2.21 Nov/16
Saudi Arabia 2.00 Dec/16
Costa Rica 1.75 Dec/16
New Zealand 1.75 Dec/16
Romania 1.75 Jan/17
Australia 1.50 Dec/16
Poland 1.50 Jan/17
Thailand 1.50 Dec/16
United Arab Emirates 1.50 Dec/16
Cambodia 1.45 Oct/16
Taiwan 1.38 Dec/16
Albania 1.25 Dec/16
South Korea 1.25 Jan/17
Oman 1.24 Dec/16
Comoros 1.15 Dec/16
Bahrain 1.00 Dec/16
Hong Kong 1.00 Dec/16
Macau 1.00 Dec/16
Hungary 0.90 Dec/16
United States 0.75 Dec/16
Canada 0.50 Jan/17
Fiji 0.50 Dec/16
Norway 0.50 Dec/16
Panama 0.48 Oct/16
Singapore 0.46 Dec/16
New Caledonia 0.25 Dec/16
United Kingdom 0.25 Dec/16
Israel 0.10 Dec/16
Czech Republic 0.05 Dec/16
Austria 0.00 Jan/17
Belgium 0.00 Jan/17
Bulgaria 0.00 Jan/17
Cyprus 0.00 Jan/17
Estonia 0.00 Jan/17
Euro Area 0.00 Jan/17
Finland 0.00 Jan/17
France 0.00 Jan/17
Germany 0.00 Jan/17
Greece 0.00 Jan/17
Ireland 0.00 Jan/17
Italy 0.00 Jan/17
Latvia 0.00 Jan/17
Lithuania 0.00 Jan/17
Luxembourg 0.00 Jan/17
Malta 0.00 Jan/17
Netherlands 0.00 Jan/17
Portugal 0.00 Jan/17
Slovakia 0.00 Jan/17
Slovenia 0.00 Jan/17
Spain 0.00 Jan/17
Japan -0.10 Dec/16
Sweden -0.50 Dec/16
Denmark -0.65 Dec/16
Switzerland -0.75 Dec/16