United States
US Consumer Sentiment Rebounds in August
Consumer Spending in US Decline 0.1% in July
US Economy Rebounds Stronger Than Expected
US Jobless Claims Little Changed In Latest Week
US Durable Goods Orders Surge in July

Euro Area
Euro Area Inflation Rate Continues to Slow
Euro Area Unemployment Unchanged at 11.5%
ECB President Urges for Structural Reforms
Euro Area Trade Surplus At 7-Month High
Euro Area GDP Growth Halts in Q2

China Inflation Rate Remains Stable in July
China Trade Surplus Hits Record High
Chinese GDP Advances 2% QoQ in Q2
China's Economy Expands 7.5% in Q2
China Trade Surplus Narrows in June

Japan Unemployment Rate Rises Slightly in July
Japan Inflation Rate Rises 3.4% in July
Japanese Trade Gap Shrinks in July
Japan GDP Shrinks 1.7% in Q2
Japan Maintains Monetary Policy Unchanged

German GDP Contraction Confirmed in Q2
German Inflation Rate Steady at 0.8%
Germany Unemployment Rate Falls to 4.9%
German Economy Contracts in Q2
Germany Inflation Rate Confirmed at 0.8% in July

French Economy Stagnates in Q2
France Inflation Rate Unchanged in July
France Trade Deficit Widens in June
France Inflation Rate Slows in June
French Trade Deficit Widens in May

United Kingdom
UK Inflation Rate Slows to 1.6%
UK GDP Growth Confirmed at 0.8% in Q2
UK Unemployment Rate Drops to 6.4%
UK Trade Deficit Widens in June
Bank of England Keeps Bank Rate at 0.5%

Brazil Trade Surplus Almost Unchanged in August
Brazil GDP Contracts 0.9% YoY in Q2
Brazilian Economy Slides Into Recession
Brazil Cuts Reserve Requirement to Boost Credit
Brazil Inflation Rate Eases Slightly in July

Russia Unemployment Rate Unchanged in July
Russia Trade Surplus Deteriorates Sharply in June
Russia's GDP Growth Slows to 0.8% in Q2
Russia Inflation Rate Decelerates Slightly in July
Russia Raises Key Rate to 8%

Italy GDP Contracts 0.2% in Q2
Italy Falls into Deflation
Italian Unemployment Rises to 12.6%
Italy Inflation Rate Confirmed at 1% in July
Italian Economy Slides Into Recession

India Economy Expands 5.7% in Q2
India's WPI Inflation At Five-Month Low in July
India Inflation Rate Surges in July
Reserve Bank of India Leaves Rate on Hold
India Consumer Inflation Down to Record Low

Canada GDP Growth Beats Expectations
Canada Current Account Deficit Almost Unchanged in Q2
Canada Inflation Rate Slows in July
Canada Corrects Jobs Report for July
Canada Unemployment Rate Falls to 7% in July

Australia Jobless Rate Jumps to 12-Year High
Australia Holds Key Rate at Record Low
Australia Trade Deficit Narrows in June
Australia Inflation Rate Up to 3% in Q2
Australia Unemployment Rate Up to 6% in June

Spain Inflation Down to Nearly 5-Year Low
Spain GDP Growth Confirmed at 0.6% in Q2
Spanish Trade Deficit Narrows to 11-Month Low
Spanish Inflation Rate Confirmed at -0.3%
Spain Inflation Rate Falls in July

South Korea
South Korea Trade Surplus Shrinks in August
South Korea Cuts Interest Rate to 2.25%
South Korea Jobless Rate Down in July
South Korea Trade Surplus Narrows in July
South Korea Inflation Slows in July

Mexico Trade Deficit Narrows in July
Mexican Economy Advances 1% QoQ in Q2
Mexico GDP Growth Beats Expectations
Mexico Inflation Rate Rises in July
Mexican Trade Surplus Widens in June

Indonesia Posts Trade Surplus in July
Indonesia Maintains Rates on Hold
Indonesia GDP Growth Slows Further in Q2
Indonesia Trade Balance Swings to Deficit in June
Can Indonesian Economy be Fixed by a New President?

Turkey Trade Deficit Narrows 34.8% in July
Turkey Leaves Benchmark Rate on Hold; Cuts Lending Rate
Turkish Inflation Rate Rises in July
Turkey Trade Deficit Narrows to USD 7.85 Billion
Turkey Cuts Rates for 3rd Straight Meeting

Dutch Unemployment Rate Falls Further in July
Dutch Trade Surplus Widens in June
Dutch Economy Expands Faster than Expected
Netherlands Inflation Rate Unchanged in July
Dutch Unemployment Rate Down to 7-Month Low

Switzerland Trade Surplus Jumps to Record High
Switzerland Unemployment Rate Unchanged in July
Switzerland Consumer Prices Flat in July
Switzerland Trade Surplus Narrows in June
Switzerland Inflation Rate Flat in June

Argentina GDP Contracts 0.2% in Q1
Argentina GDP Growth Slows to 1.4% in Q4
Argentina GDP Growth Slows in Q3
Argentina’s Unemployment Rate Down to 6.8% in Q3
Argentina's GDP Expands 8.3% YoY in Q2

Sweden Trade Surplus Narrows in July
Swedish Economy Returns to Growth in Q2
Sweden Trade Balance Returns to Surplus
Swedish Central Bank Cuts Rates to 0.25%
Sweden Trade Surplus Narrows in May

Nigeria Inflation Rate Rises Further in July
Nigeria Becomes Africa’s Largest Economy
Nigeria Leaves Benchmark Interest Rate on Hold at 12%
Nigeria Inflation Rate Accelerates in June
Nigeria GDP Growth Slows in Q1

Polish GDP Advances 0.6% in Q2
Poland Unemployment Rate Falls to 11.9%
Polish Economy Slows in Q2
Polish Unemployment Down to Nearly 3-Year Low
Polish Unemployment Rate Continues to Fall

Thai GDP Expands 0.9% QoQ in Q2
Thailand Economy Returns to Growth in Q2
Thailand Monetary Policy Unchanged in August
Thailand Leaves Monetary Policy Unchanged
Thai GDP Contracts 2.1% QoQ in Q1

Colombia Trade Deficit Widens Sharply in April
Central Bank of Colombia Raises Rate to 4%
Colombia Raises Interest Rate for 2nd Straight Meeting
Colombia Trade Deficit Narrows in March
Colombia Trade Deficit Widens in February on Rising Imports

South Africa
South Africa Trade Deficit Widens in July
South African Economy Slows in Q2
South Africa GDP Grows Below Expectations
South Africa Inflation Rate at 3-Month Low
South Africa Trade Deficit Narrows in June

Malaysia Inflation Rate Below Expectations in July
Malaysian Economy Expands 6.4% in Q2
Malaysia Trade Surplus Below Expectations in June
Malaysia Inflation Rises to 3.3% in June
Malaysia Raises Benchmark Interest Rate to 3.25%

Singapore Inflation Rate Eases Further in July
Singapore Trade Surplus Widens for Second Straight Month
Singapore GDP Growth Slows to 2.4% in Q2
Singapore Jobless Rate Holds Steady at 2% in Q2
Singapore Inflation Rate Slows to 1.8% in June

Chile GDP Growth Slows Again in Q2
Chile Cuts Interest Rate to 3.75%
Chile Monetary Policy Unchanged in June
Chile GDP Growth Slows to 4-Year Low in Q1
Chile Leaves Rates on Hold

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Trade Deficit Widens in July
Hong Kong Inflation Rate Edges Up in July
Hong Kong Unemployment Rate Rises in July
Hong Kong Economy Slows in Q2
Hong Kong Economy Shrinks 0.1% in Q2

Philippines Economy Grows 1.9% QoQ in Q2
Philippines GDP Growth Beats Expectations
Philippines Reports Trade Surplus in June
Philippines Inflation Accelerates in July
Philippines Raises Policy Rate to 3.75%

Egypt Leaves Monetary Policy Unchanged
Egypt Inflation Rate Accelerates in July
Central Bank of Egypt Raises Rates
Egypt Inflation Rate Steady in June
Egypt Inflation Rate Down to 12-Month Low

Greek Unemployment Steady at 27.3%
Greek Trade Deficit Widens in May on Rising Imports
Greek Trade Deficit Widens in April
Greek Unemployment Rate Falls in March
Greek Trade Deficit Narrows in March

Pakistan Inflation Rate Slows Further in August
Pakistan Inflation Rate Edges Down in July
Pakistan Trade Deficit Widens to Record High
Pakistan Inflation Rate Eases Slightly in June
Pakistan Trade Deficit Shrinks in May

Portuguese Economy Expands 0.6% in Q2
Deflation Deepens in Portugal
Portugal Unemployment Rate Falls in Q2
Portugal Inflation Rate Unchanged at -0.4%
Portugal Inflation Rate at -0.4%

Ireland Trade Surplus Nearly Unchanged in June
Ireland Inflation Rate Slows Further in July
Irish Unemployment Rate Down to 5-Year Low
Ireland Trade Surplus Widens Further in May
Irish Inflation Rate Steady in June

Peru GDP Growth Disappoints in Q2
Peru GDP Growth Slows to 4.8% YoY in Q1
Peru’s GDP Growth Accelerates in Q4
Peruvian GDP Grows 4.4% YoY in Q3
Peru’s Economy Expands 5.6% in Q2

New Zealand
New Zealand Posts Trade Deficit in July
New Zealand Trade Surplus Narrows in June
New Zealand Raises Rate for 4th Straight Meeting
New Zealand Inflation Rate Rises to 1.6% in Q2
New Zealand Trade Surplus Down to 4-Month Low

Vietnamese Economic Growth Is Slowing Down

Hungary Consumer Prices Fall 0.1%
Hungarian Unemployment Rate Falls to Nearly 5-Year Low
Hungarian Inflation Rate Unchanged in March
Hungary Unemployment Rate Falls to 8.6%
Hungarian Inflation Rate Edges Up in February

Angola Inflation Rate Edges Up in July
Angola Cuts Key Interest Rate
Angola Inflation Rate Slightly Down
Angola Leaves Rates on Hold
Angola Inflation Rate Down to Record Low

Ghana Inflation Rate Rises to 4-1/2 Year High
Ghana Inflation Rate Continues to Rise
Ghana GDP Advances 2.6% QoQ in Q1
Agriculture Drives Ghana GDP Growth in Q1
Ghana Inflation Rate Up to 14.8%

Kenya Inflation Rate Up to 2-Year High
Kenya Trade Deficit Narrows Sharply in June
Kenya Inflation Rate Rises in July
Kenya Leaves Benchmark Rate on Hold at 8.5%
Kenya Trade Deficit Widens Sharply in May

Tanzania Inflation Rate Edges Up in July
Tanzania Inflation Rate Slows Slightly in June
Tanzania Inflation Rate Accelerates in May
Tanzania Inflation Rate Rises Further in April
Tanzanian Inflation Rate Edges Up Slightly in March

Central Bank of Mozambique Holds Key Rate in August
Mozambique Inflation Rate Rises in July
Central Bank of Mozambique Leaves Rates on Hold
Mozambique Inflation Rate Eased Slightly in June
Mozambique Monetary Policy Unchanged in June